A flowing mane with plenty of body is probably the dream of almost every woman. But how do you get really voluminous hair? I will show you how to gain momentum and volume and make flat hair a thing of the past.

Plate hair

Most of us have probably already experienced it, you come fresh from the hairdresser and the hair just looks crazy, a flowing mane that could hardly be more voluminous. But after just a few washes, the hair looks flat and has lost its fullness. And no matter what you do, they just hang down.

But the times are over, because today you will learn how to get more volume at the hairline and with just a few steps and very different methods.

More volume at the base, so it’ll work

If you want more voluminous hair, you usually try to toot the hair holistically or to give them more body in general. But that is not necessary at all, because with a little more volume at the base, your hair looks much fluffier and thicker.

I will now show you eight different methods with which flat hair is now a thing of the past:

1:- Blow dry the volume

The most obvious thought for voluminous hair is certainly the use of one Blow dryer. But there is also a little trick here. Use a round brush and blow the hair with warm air as you draw streaks over the brush. Now roll in with the round brush, blow in with cold air and wait a short time before you let it slide off the brush again.

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For an extra portion of hair, blow-dry your hair just above your head.

Plate Hair More Volume

2:- Foam setting and hair spray

Great options for a full hair style are also foaming agents and hairspray. The foam ensures proper stability. Alternatively, you can lift the strands from the top coat at the base and spray the hairspray against it from below and knead it lightly. This also ensures fullness at the hairline.

3:- Toupee

A very classic method of giving hair more volume is topping. If you just want a little more fullness at the base, then simply place the brush a few centimeters above the hairline and then brush towards the base. It is child’s play with a specially developed touring brush.

4:- Hair curlers

Curlers are a guarantee for voluminous hair, even if it is a little out of fashion. When using it, you should make sure that you only use large curlers; otherwise you will get a lot of small curls instead of volume.

5:- More volume with powder for the hair

A product specially developed for hair is Volume powder. It not only ensures that they look fresher, but also gives them a particularly good hold and fullness. Simply apply a small amount of the powder to the hairline and distribute it evenly. It is practical that it does not have to be brushed out and it does not leave any residue. Simply wash out with your next hair wash.

6:- Change the vertex

If you have had the same haircut and parting for years, it can happen that changing the parting results in a more voluminous hairline. Because hair also gets used to a certain position and may lose its elasticity at this point. That is why it is definitely worth moving it a few cm to the left or right or to the other side.

7:- Home remedies for volume at the base

Of course I also have home remedies for you that are not only cheap but also easy to use.

Baby powder

A great home remedy for volume at the base is baby powder. Like the hair powder, this can simply be distributed around the base and then carefully brushed out. This gives the hair a better grip and guarantees that no residues remain.


Gelatin for more volume? It sounds adventurous and admitted, it doesn’t work for everyone. But if you’ve already had everything through, that’s certainly still an option. Buy a packet of gelatin powder and add a teaspoon of it to your hair shampoo or conditioner, depending on what you use to wash your hair last. Wash your hair as normal and when you dry it you should notice that it feels fuller and has more elasticity.

8:- New haircut for more volume

The longer the hair becomes, the more difficult it is to give it volume and volume. That’s why a trip to the hairdresser and a new haircut can help. So if you fancy a new hairstyle with a lot of volume, a classic bob might be the right choice. Alternatively, extensions are also a means for voluminous hair.

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If, despite these tricks and tips, you still have flat hair, your hairdresser can certainly help you. Because the specialist on site can take a closer look at your hair and give you tailored tips for more volume in the approaches that also work for you.

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