Vanilla can be an ideal substitute for sugar. A US study shows: The fine pod not only has a seductive aroma, it can also help in a gentle way to curb your appetite and lose those pounds.

It is not for nothing that vanilla is called the “queen of spices”. Even the scent of this black, elongated orchid fruit triggers well-being. Whether as a scented candle, perfume, for baking or in dessert – vanilla is popular and is used in many ways. But the sweet scent of the pod can do a lot more, as a study by the oldest university in the USA, Penn State University, has now shown. The studies, which the university also publishes on its website, prove that you can also lose weight with the spice. Test subjects who regularly inhaled the fragrance only nibbled half as much as before and lost an average of five kilograms of their body weight within a few weeks.

That’s behind the diet

Whether muesli, fruit yoghurt or smoothie – sugar is also hidden in many foods that you don’t even think of. And as our body gets used to the regular dose of sugar over time, one can gradually become almost addicted to the sweet. In fact, you are happy to help with the additional sweetening of coffee, tea or the fruit salad. It tastes delicious with more sugar and the temptation is great.

It is well known that too much sugar is not healthy and can, among other things, lead to blemished skin, damage teeth and contribute to weight gain. Also, artificial sweeteners have no alternative but to which one can fall back safely – although they sometimes contain less sugar, but they are still not good for health. Against this background, the findings of the study are all the more interesting: Vanilla has a very similar effect on the taste buds as sugar, so it can partially replace the dangerous fattening substance.

Vanilla is the new sugar substitute

In their study, the scientists from Pennsylvania found in a blind test that the test participants found milk mixed with vanilla to be sweet, even though it contained less sugar than other milk beverages. So they came to the conclusion that vanilla can have an effect similar to sugar. The sugar content in sweetened milk beverages could be reduced by 20 to 50 percent with vanilla, without the acceptance suffering despite sweet habits. This is really good news for a healthy cardiovascular system.

The university’s study results also show that the smell of the spice is enough to trick the brain! Test subjects who sniffed vanilla regularly only nibbled half as much as before and lost an average of five kilograms in weight within a few weeks. Vanilla scent also prevents food cravings. If the previously irrepressible desire for sweets or sweet drinks is minimized, the calorie intake is also reduced accordingly.

Vanilla helps to lose weight in everyday life

What can be successful in the production of milk drinks can be carried over into everyday life. So you can support your weight loss with this trick! Whether it is about smoothies, sugar in coffee or tea, fruit yoghurt or baking – the sugar can be replaced in all recipes with the spice from the vanilla pods.

In order to really do something good for your body, you should make sure that you do not use the artificially produced vanillin as a substitute, but the real vanilla, which differs significantly from the artificial sweeteners. It’s a bit more expensive, because vanilla is rare and sought-after, but ultimately it benefits your health.

If you choose real vanilla, that doesn’t mean that you always have to use the bourbon vanilla pods. This is the healthiest alternative, but you can also get vanilla extract on a natural basis in liquid form. Just a few drops are enough, because the liquid variants are usually offered in a highly concentrated manner. It is best to flavor food and drinks with the vanilla, drizzle a few drops on a handkerchief or rub them into the skin.

Slim in your sleep with vanilla

Little is known that the scent of vanilla also promotes healthy sleep – and thus also contributes to weight loss. Because at night the body regenerates best and fat loss is in full swing. Vanilla also reduces stress and increases the ability to think. The vanilla aroma has a mood-enhancing effect and simply creates a good mood. Also these factors can have on your weight loss success a positive impact.

By the way: Vanilla is not only suitable for cooking and baking, but also for seasoning meat and fish. The fine pod is one of the most expensive spices in the world, but it also offers an unmistakable, downright beguiling aroma.

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