During the corona pandemic-related exit restrictions, people showed their creativity. The basement, attic and storage room were cleared out. But some things were just too good to throw away. Everything once cost money, but most of the time the item no longer matches the current furniture.

This is where the new summer trend 2020 comes in: Upcycling! This even creates a completely unique piece of furniture that every visitor will immediately notice. The advantage of this is also that the environment is protected. As soon as this piece of furniture no longer matches the furniture, it can still be given away. A buyer will always be found!

Disposable products become eye-catchers

Decoration is the be-all and end-all of every home. Of course, it is much better if the products are all manufactured in-house from a single source, because each piece of furniture has its own story. This creates a completely different and homely atmosphere. Even old pallets can be converted into comfortable seating or tables.


As our guide to tinkering lamps has shown, lamps can be easily and easily made yourself. But that’s not always enough, because you usually want to add a scent as well. Fragrances have a big effect on us, because this creates, for example, thirst for action.

Shops have formed that focus directly on personal aromatherapy. The advantage is therefore not only given to employees from the home office, but also to everyone who does the household chores.

The lampshade can also be designed as desired by making modifications. Perhaps there are also dimmable light bulbs in the household, so the light can be adapted to the movie being played.

You could also get the idea of ​​creating your own fragrances. In fact, you can also make your own fragrance lamps, but here you should definitely pay attention to the ingredients.


Has the book been read and dusty on the bookshelf? Books are difficult to sell because since e-readers have existed, hardly anyone is interested in physical issues. But books still have a decorative element.

Books can be converted into a shelf, for this the book is attached to the wall with wall brackets. The construction can be improved or stabilized with an iron bar.

Car tire

Even car tires that no longer serve a purpose can be used in the household. Car tires can be turned into a fancy piece of furniture, but of course only when the tire has been completely cleaned. For example, the tire can be used as a side table in the garden or as a means of garden decoration.

PET bottles

Some plastic bottles do not have a deposit and therefore disposal in the yellow sack is necessary. However, there is another possibility! Some of the cut bottles can be used as cell phone or key holders. Even a bed frame or even a small table can be built from empty PET bottles. Admittedly, this is a very unusual idea of ​​its own.


Something great can be made from every object, no matter how small. Even car tires or old books don’t have to be thrown away, because everything can be used to create a decorative element. That saves money and protects the environment

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