Tongue Piercing: Pain, Cost, Healing

You want you a stinging tongue piercing  can and are looking for information about  pain, cost  and healing? In my guide I tell you about my experiences and give you important information on this topic.

Piercing the tongue – an old tradition

Tongue piercing is not a modern invention, but has a long history. Puncturing the tongue for religious and cleaning purposes was reported as early as the 16th century. In the 1990s, piercing the tongue became a trend that has decreased a bit in the meantime, but is still very popular.

After all, it is one of the piercings that heals quickly and easily and can also be easily hidden because you cannot see it immediately.

What types of tongue piercing are there?

Before you get a tongue piercing, you should of course think about which variant you would like. Classic is a stick that is placed in the middle of the tongue. However, there are also the following options:

  • Rod across the front of the tongue (snake eyes),
  • Ring at the tip of the tongue,
  • two tongue piercings next to each other (Venom Bites),
  • through the ribbon under the tongue (frenulum piercing).

I would advise against all types of tongue piercing that are at the tip of the tongue, because this is where the taste buds are located. If you don’t want to take any chances, you should choose the classic version.

Tongue piercing pierced

If you have now decided and want to get a tongue piercing, then you should first look for a really good piercer, so that there are no problems later due to improper execution. Basically, the stinging is not a big deal, because the nerve pathways run on the outer edge and are pricked through the middle.

It is important, however, that the puncture channel is a little oblique, because the piercing lies on the tongue and is not vertical in the mouth, which can lead to complications afterwards.

That happens at the piercer

1.) First you will get a mouthwash to disinfect your mouth. For me, this conditioner had no anesthetic effect, which is also not necessary.

2.) Then the injection and removal site was marked with a pen.

3.) Now the piercer takes a pair of pliers and will ask you to stick your tongue out. He fixes them at the marked points with the pliers and will now pick up the cannula.

4.) The tongue was then pierced with the needle from bottom to top.

5.) Then the stick was inserted and that’s it.

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Bar length

What takes some getting used to at first is the length of the rod. Because the tongue will swell a little in the course of the healing process, which is why you use a rod that is far too long. When everything has healed, you can replace it with a shorter rod.

If you use a rod that is too short from the start, the tongue has no place to spread in the event of swelling, which leads to major problems. Therefore, you should absolutely make sure that you use a rod that is too long.

Bar length

Can you pierce a tongue piercing yourself?

If you are thinking of trying to pierce a tongue piercing yourself, then I can only advise against it. In addition to the risk of damaging the taste buds, catching the tongue, or injuring the veins, it is almost impossible to find the right angle without sufficient experience. The risk of injury and also inflammation is increased many times over.

In my opinion, the risks of lancing yourself are far too great, which is why you should definitely go to an experienced and good piercer. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, you can suffer the consequences for a lifetime.

How severe is the pain?

Even if you can hardly imagine that, but with a tongue piercing, the pain when pricking is so slight that it is hardly worth mentioning. The muscle tissue of the tongue is soft and the needle slides as if through butter. I personally had no pain at all, and a lot of people I know also didn’t have any.

Of course you have to say that everyone has a different sensation of pain, but in my opinion it is really a harmless piercing and there is no need to worry.

What are the risks when piercing the tongue

Ultimately, the risk of tongue piercing is  very low. As already mentioned, the nerve pathways run along the outer edge. So if you choose the classic variant, the piercer only has to make sure that it does not stick through the tongue and does not hit large veins. Otherwise there are no major or incalculable risks with this piercing variant.


The cost of a tongue piercing varies depending on the piercer. Normally they should be in the range between 40 and 60 euros. Piercing, jewelry, care products, follow-up examinations and general support until healing should be included. Only the follow-up jewelry is usually not included, but this also varies from studio to studio.

Most piercing studios have a price list on their website, where you can check in advance what tongue piercing will cost you and which services are included.

Fear of game meat? It no longer has to be. These discs are simply attached to the piercing and on the one hand prevent the game meat from being created and on the other hand ensure that it goes away again.

Tongue piercing healing

Tongue piercing healing is usually fairly straightforward and quick. For a few days, I personally felt like I had sore muscles on my tongue, which made the food a little awkward at first. I must have taken an hour for some pasta. 🙂

But that was over within a few days and the swelling was not as dramatic as I expected.

The tongue piercing should be completely healed after about 3 – 6 weeks. However, every body is different and so it can of course take longer or less long.


You have probably heard of the swelling after the stinging. And yes, the tongue swells after the sting and makes eating and drinking a bit awkward at first. But if you take good care of your piercing and observe the most important basic rules, the swelling of your tongue piercing should be over within a very short time.

What helps against swelling?

Since tongue piercing swelling is relatively uncomfortable, there are a few things you can do about it. For example, sucking ice cubes helps. But a cool chamomile or sage tea can also be helpful for the healing process and make the swelling go away faster. Of course, you can also freeze the tea and then suck it as an ice cube with flavor.

You will experience for the first time that the cold from the metal rod creates the feeling that the tongue freezes. 😉 Incidentally, this feeling remains when eating ice cream as long as you use a metal stick.

What helps against swelling

The right care

As with every wound, proper care is essential in the oral cavity, where it is always moist and increases the risk of inflammation. You will normally receive precise instructions from your piercer on how to care for your tongue piercings and what you should pay attention to in the first few days.


Mouth rinsing is the method of choice for tongue piercing. Because it disinfects not only the piercing itself, but the entire mouth. Basically, you should rinse your mouth after eating to avoid leftover food sticking to the piercing or wound and causing inflammation.

What should you do without?

Especially in the first time you should definitely be on

  • Alcohol,
  • Nicotine,
  • Dairy products,
  • spicy, sour or hot food,
  • sour drinks,
  • Kisses and
  • Oral sex

dispense. This could unnecessarily delay the healing of your piercing. And believe me, at the beginning you don’t feel like it anyway.

If you can’t do without your tipping at all, at least make sure that you rinse your mouth out properly afterwards.

What if the tongue piercing is inflamed?

If your piercing doesn’t heal completely or even pus comes out of the wound, then don’t experiment around, go to your piercer. He can take a closer look at the wound and decide with you what to do. If you don’t want that, you can of course just take the piercing out, but I think that will rarely be desired.

My personal experiences

I personally had my tongue piercing pierced when I was 18 years old. That was exactly 16 years ago. While I’ve taken out many other piercings in the meantime, it’s some of the few I still wear. Back then I had no pain when I stung and the healing went quickly and easily.

My teeth are still not damaged, but I do make sure to use plastic balls so that it stays that way. My husband took his tongue piercing out not too long ago because he kept biting on it and just couldn’t get used to it.

So the sensations can be so different. If you have any further questions about tongue piercing, just leave me a comment or send me a message.

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