The fear of it is stronger than the corona virus

All of the reports about the corona virus that have reached us in the last few days and weeks are mostly about the disease itself and its spread.

But here I want to the fear, the stress and the uncertainty that concerns us at this time.

We have all possible documents about hand washing, internalized the rules of conduct when dealing with other people. We have heard from people with weakened immune systems, from older people and from young people who are said to be super careful with the spread of this virus.

But what about our fear and uncertainty? What about people with depression and anxiety?

Should we read the news every day and look for other signs of concern and concern? So we only stir up our insecurity ourselves. Or should we just take a deep breath, follow the guidelines given to us and let go of everything? This is easier said than done, of course.

With the following tips, I would like to help you deal with the emotional side that comes with the worst about the corona virus:

The fear

It is normal that something negative that cannot be seen or gripped will cause fear to spread. Especially, if you have a weakened immune system or if you are older.

Even if I say that fear is normal, it does not mean that you should sink into it. You should learn to minimize and deal with this fear.

One solution might be to talk less about Corona that scares you. Your fears increase the more you think about things that could happen but that haven’t happened yet and may never happen.

If you feel anxious, write a list of things that worry you and things that make you feel safe. Are you afraid of getting infected? Wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands, make sure you cough or sneeze into a handkerchief or the crook of your arm, and then throw this handkerchief right away path. You should write down all of these things if you feel anxious so that you can go through your checklist when fear rises.

The Media

The past shows that in a catastrophe we humans tend to provide us with as much information as possible about what happened. For this purpose, TV, radio and the Internet are used in order not to miss anything. With this we dig deeper and deeper into the source of fear. The amount of information multiplies our fear.

Therefore reduce the consumption of these media, which only pull you down even more! Information is good – Too much information will make your fear and stress unnecessarily grow.

your friends

If you are around people who are constantly talking about the corona virus, you should avoid these contacts. Too many people love to get caught up in chaos and drama. They are looking for the latest stories everywhere. What has happened in China, how badly people in Italy are doing and what can happen? These stories only add to your fear and can lead to depression in the long run.

Instead, just start talking about it with a small group of good friends. Avoid talking to all the acquaintances and neighbors who only want to make themselves important with their “knowledge

Your brain

The most powerful organ of our body is our brain. But it is also the most vulnerable and can be easily influenced. Alone influences can guide your thinking.

It doesn’t matter for you how much toilet paper or noodles others buy, it doesn’t matter for you how empty the shelves are in the supermarket. Do not let yourself be influenced by this.
It is best to buy very early or late in the evening. So you create a reasonably normal feeling. You should avoid crowds anyway.

So deal with your fear, write about it and then take a deep breath. Minimize conversations about the topic; minimize targeted media consumption to receive news about this topic.

You can do nothing more than to comply with the medical and legal guidelines; this way you protect yourself and your fellow human beings.

Stay at home and stay healthy!

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