If you see textile care symbols for the first time, you probably have the feeling that you are standing in front of hieroglyphs. So you know what the information in the washing label mean and what the laundry symbols want to tell you, you’ll find everything at a glance: Washing symbols Ironing symbols and dryer icons that show you exactly what you need when washing, ironing, consider drying and cleaning .

The wash label

In every textile product, whether pants, jeans, upholstery or duvet cover, you will find a wash label with the corresponding textile care symbols everywhere, which tell you how to wash, dry and iron this product. There are also special instructions such as hand washing.

Accordingly, it is worth taking a look at the sewn-in slip before each wash to avoid the risk that the new item of clothing will end up in the trash after the wash cycle because it has shrunk, faded or otherwise broken.

The washing symbols on the label give us very clear information about

  • At how many degrees we can wash our laundry,
  • Whether it is allowed in the machine or hand wash is necessary
  • Whether it can be in the dryer or
  • Chemical cleaning is necessary / permitted.

By the way, laundry stickers are a great relief. So you can sort the dirty laundry properly in advance.

Laundry slips symbols and meaning of laundry signs

Here you will now find the meaning of the laundry symbols and washing slip symbols summarized in a table. Below the table you’ll find the way, then the washing symbols pdf for download.

To the individual laundry symbols to see just click on the “plus”.

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laundry symbols

do not washDo not wash
Everything with this symbol must not be washed by hand or in the machine.
hand washHand wash This piece can be washed only by hand.
Anything is possibleAnything is possible There are no restrictions for items with an A.
Wash up to a maximum of 20 degreesWash up to a maximum of 20 degrees
Wash up to 30 degreesWash up to 30 degrees
washing machine signsWash gently up to a maximum of 30 degrees (wool)
washing machine charactersVery gentle up to max. 30 degrees
A maximum of 70 degrees possibleA maximum of 70 degrees possible
Washable up to 95 degreesWashable up to 95 degrees
Ironing symbolIroning symbol This
is the general ironing symbol and indicates that a piece may be ironed.
Ironing nProceed low temperatureIroning nProceed low temperature
here must cautiously with the setting of the number of degrees proceed ironing.
Iron at medium temperatureIron at medium temperature
The controller must be set to medium.
Ironing at high temperatures ThisIroning at high temperatures
This textile is insensitive and can also be smoothed at high temperatures.
Do not ironDo not iron
This symbol indicates that the fabric must never be ironed.
Dryer iconDryer icon
Drum drying possible without restrictionDrum drying possible without restriction
Drum drying at low temperatureDrum drying at low temperature
Drum drying at normal temperatureDrum drying at normal temperature
Dry flatDry flat
Dry on a lineDry on a line
No dryerNo dryer
This item of laundry must never be put into the dryer.
Wash symbol PWash symbol P
Dry clean, but only with perchlorethylene
Dry clean gently with perchlorethyleneDry clean gently with perchlorethylene
Clean very gently with perchlorethyleneClean very gently with perchlorethylene
Washing symbol FWashing symbol F
cleaning with hydrocarbon solvent (KWL)
Clean gently with KWLClean gently with KWL
Very gentle cleaning with KWLVery gentle cleaning with KWL
Do not dry cleanDo not dry clean

Download washing symbols pdf

If you want, you can now download the washing symbols listed above as a PDF. Simply click on the download button and you can save the file and use the table offline.


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