Right now in summer, the risk of rising sunburn again exorbitant. We are outside, enjoy the warm temperatures and do not protect ourselves or only insufficiently from the sun. When bathing in particular, you often forget to apply lotion again and risk bad burns. In this guide, we would like to show the course and symptoms of sunburn . Whoever asks himself: “What to do with sunburn?” , Which finds many great contribution in our materials and home remedies that can help against the painful and reddened skin.

Sunburn course, symptoms, levels

With sunburn, the skin becomes inflamed because it has been exposed to ultraviolet radiation for too long, so that it can no longer adequately protect itself against it. The result of this has probably all of us experienced before. The skin becomes red, hot and painful.

This continues or gets worse over time, depending on how long the skin is exposed to the rays. Basically, we distinguish three different stages in the course of sunburn.

1st stage / degree – slight sunburn the

Skin is red and also painful. When you press it with your finger, you see white prints.

2nd stage / degree – sunburn with blisters

Severe redness and burns with painful blisters. The bubbles must never be pierced. In the event of severe pain, see a doctor.

3rd stage / degree – skin is destroyed

Destruction which replaces a large area of the skin.

This stage MUST be treated by a doctor! Immediately to the next emergency room.


There are a few other symptoms of sunburn that go beyond the painful and reddened skin, but are also characteristic of it and are not uncommon:

  • Freezing

Especially if you should freeze with sunburn, this is a sign that it is no longer just a slight burn.

  • Skin itches

Anyone who has scratched burned skin once will surely not want to repeat it like me, because it hurts like hell. Therefore, even if the skin is itchy after sunburn, does not scratch under any circumstances, at most rub lightly with your palms?

  • Touch hurts

Every light cloth, which comes into contact with the burned area, almost ensures that you go to the ceiling. Every touch hurts, especially with severe sunburn.

  • Skin peals the skin often peals,

Especially when sunburns are severe. This happens when the burn heals.

sunburn symptoms skin pellet itself

Important! The sunburn symptoms worsen for the next few hours even though you are already out of the sun. So even if the skin appears only slightly red at the beginning, its condition can become noticeably worse in the following hours.

Nausea, fever, circulatory problems and vomiting are not common symptoms of sunburn and should be examined by a doctor.

Skin Routine in The Morning: This is How I Care For My Dry Skin

Anyone who has often asked: “How long does sunburn last?” Will find a few rough guidelines here, as, as already mentioned, it is very individual:

Level 1 sunburn: duration of healing about 3-5 days.

Level 2 sunburn: duration, depending on the treatment, about one to two weeks.

Level 3 sunburn: treatment in the hospital, healing time up to four weeks

Skin cancer risk increased?

Before I show you what you can do about your sunburn, I would like to go into an important topic that definitely needs to be mentioned in this context.

The link between sunburn and skin cancer,

Of course, single sunburn alone is not responsible for skin cancer.

However, repeated skin burns from UV radiation are definitely responsible for increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. However, it should be mentioned in this context that spending days in the sun for hours on end can also lead to this disease in old age, even without sunburn and despite sun protection.

What helps with reddened and burnt skin?

If it has hit you now and your skin is burned, then of course it’s time to get out of the sun! But that is certainly self-explanatory. Next is:

“The faster you can treat the sunburn, the better.”

So don’t let a lot of time pass, because with every hour the burn is left untreated, it gets worse.

Whether you want to use aids from the pharmacy or home remedies to treat your sunburn is entirely up to you. I list both ways to treat sunburn.

Home remedies for sunburn

Here I would like to show you a few tried and tested home remedies that you can try for sunburn:

  • Cool affected areas of skin

As a first emergency, you can cool the skin either with water or a damp cloth. Never use ice-cold water, it should be between 15 and 20 degrees.

If you have no other option, you can wet your T-shirt and put it on again if you get a sunburn on your upper body (if it doesn’t hurt too much).

  • Quark & yoghurt Quark

is often read as a panacea for sunburn. Here, however, it is only the cooling and moisturizing effect that is good for the burned skin.

Whether the milk products have healing properties is controversial.

  • Aloe Vera

The medicinal plant Aloe Vera is a small all-rounder and so it is also a great home remedy for burnt and reddened skin. Especially with sunburn on the face, simply spread some of the plant’s gel on the skin and let it work. This can be repeated several times.

If you don’t have aloe Vera at home, just use a gel that is as natural as possible.

  • Cold chamomile tea

The anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile is also a helpful tip for sunburn. Simply boil a strong tea, let it cool and then put it on the skin.

If the tea is only around 15 degrees, it is cooling at the same time.

The most important, but easiest to implement tip is: Drink a lot! This is good for the skin and supports regeneration.

Note: Use the home remedies for sunburn only for 1st degree burns. Anything beyond that should be treated by a doctor!

More tips against sunburn

Of course there are not only natural remedies for sunburn. The pharmacy or drugstore around the corner also has a few good products that are also helpful.

  • Cream against sunburn

There are almost countless creams against sunburn. Ideally, you can use a light gel with aloe vera. You should be careful if you have open wounds. Please read the package insert for the product to be used beforehand.

If possible, do not use greasy cream, because it clogs the pores.

  • Panthenol

We usually know this remedy from wound and healing ointments. But it is also helpful for sunburn and is easiest to apply in the form of a spray. Again, no thick, fatty product should be used.

Dexpanthenol supports new cell formation and is therefore particularly helpful.

These were my tips against sunburn. For sharp agents such as vinegar, citric acid or similar you should refrain from treating affected skin areas. This is only irritating.

With sunburn in the sun

Some people are familiar with this, they have been exposed to harmful UV radiation for too long, their skin is red, but they are still invited to an outdoor event and therefore have to be sun burnt . It only helps to cover the corresponding skin areas with clothing and definitely wear a strong sunscreen cream underneath.

Always make sure you have adequate sun protection!


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