Do you have a morning skin routine? No? In this post, I will show you why it is important to take care of your facial skin in the morning and what such extra care can look like.

The right routine for your skin

Our skin protects us from external influences and requires a special level of care. If we don’t send it to her, she often reacts with dry, cracked spots or even pimples and impurities. Especially when makeup comes into play, the subsequent removal of make-up and care for the face is particularly important.

Tip: The care should be tailored to the skin type.

Accordingly, the morning care routine differs from the evening care routine. So that you know what skin care for dry skin in the morning can look like, I would like to introduce mine to you.

Skin routine in the morning

Especially in the morning you are usually happy when things are going fast. That is precisely why my routine consists of only four steps that are really fixed.

At night, the skin releases a lot of pollutants through sweat which is why the morning routine is particularly important.

Doesn’t Nail Polish Dry? It’s Quicker That Way

You don’t need 30 different products either, just a handful. You have the individual grooming steps quickly after a few times and they are just as easy to do as brushing your teeth or combing your hair. Take your time, your skin will thank you.

1:- wash face

The first step after getting up is washing with warm water. On the one hand, this ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin wakes you up without a shock effect and opens your pores.

This removes the sweat residue and gently prepares the facial skin for the following cleaning.

2:- Light cleaning gel

Now I like to use a light cleaning gel and a washcloth (if you like, you can also use a soft face brush). This removes residues on the skin and it can absorb the care products that follow from step three much better. Those who prefer cream cleaners can also use this.

I personally like the light texture that a gel has because it is also refreshing.

3:- Moisture serum

Since I have dry skin, there is now more moisture for my skin with an appropriate serum. I like to fall back on products containing hyaluronic acid because they are incredibly good for my skin and I also feel much fresher and more alert.

I only use oils when my skin is particularly dry, like in winter.

You can find both moisture serum and oils at the shop pharmacy and have them at home quickly and easily.

4:- care cream

The last step in my skin routine is a rich care cream that works well with my skin. Make sure that it is not too rich for your skin type, otherwise it is rather disadvantageous.

If my skin, which is dry in itself, is rather worse then I like to use a slightly thicker cream, otherwise a thinner lotion does the same.

Sun protection is also very important for care. If you use a foundation with SPF, you don’t need sunscreen. However, if you leave the house without makeup or don’t use make-up with a sun protection factor, you should use an appropriately equipped face cream.

Then make-up as usual.

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