Tired of plucking your brows and looking for a pain-free alternative? I’ll show you how to shave your eyebrows and how to find the right eyebrow shape. You will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of removing hair with an eyebrow razor.

Painless Alternative to Plucking

I have to confess I hate eyebrow plucking. It’s just incredibly painful and uncomfortable for me, so I’ve been looking for a pain-free alternative for a long time. I discovered eyebrow razors early on by accident.

So I just ordered them and cut my eyebrows the first time I tried them. But over time I have perfected the technique and now I can easily get my hair into shape.

So that you can save yourself unnecessary fumbling around, I’ll show you how it works.

Advantages and disadvantages when shaving

Of course, each method has its advantages and disadvantages, including shaving the eyebrows. I would also like to go into this so that you can form your own opinion as to whether this is for you.


  • Pain Free Method

Shaving the eyebrows is painless, which is why it is a great alternative, especially for women who are sensitive to pain. That is certainly the biggest advantage.

  • No Great Practice Necessary

The method is really simple and easy to use even for beginners and without much practice.

  • Short-term Time Savings

Shaving is faster than plucking you why you saw in the short term time saving. However, since you have to do it more often, this relativizes again at the end of the month.


  • The hair grows back quickly

When you pluck it, you pull out the hair and hair root, which means that you have a long rest, when shaving, the hair is simply cut off so that you have to repeat it at least every 2 days.

  • Risk of injury

Especially in the first few times the risk is relatively large to cut, because the fresh razor is very sharp and you do not yet know exactly how the blade reacts.

  • In the long run more costly

For plucking all you need is a pair of tweezers, which you normally also eternal. The eyebrow razor should be replaced as soon as it is dull. Therefore, this variant is slightly more expensive in the long run.

Find the right eyebrow shape

Depending on the shape of the face, women have different shapes. But how do I know how to shape my eyebrows? There are three simple things you can do. It is best to use a thin pen or a brush with a long thin handle.

Find the right eyebrow shape

  1. Hold the brush vertically on your nostril. The resulting line shows the innermost point of the eyebrow. You could shave anything beyond that.
  2. Now we turn the brush handle until we come to the very edge of our pupil. This line shows the point at which the brow arch reaches its highest point and is the highest.
  3. Then we continue to pull the stem until it has reached the extreme corner of the eye. The elongated line shows the end of the eyebrow, which tapers.

You have now determined the correct eyebrow shape for your face. Of course, you can vary it a little so that you also like it in the end. However, you should not deviate too much from your natural shape, as it could look disadvantageous.

The thickness of the eyebrows is again a matter of taste. In the meantime, the trend is moving towards wider, more natural brows and away from the narrow lines.

How to shave eyebrows

It is always important when shaving your eyebrows that you tighten your skin nicely. This way you reduce the risk of cutting yourself.

Soak hair and warm skinSo that the blade can easily cut the hair, it is worth soaking the eyebrows a little before shaving. Soak a washcloth with hot water and hold it against your eyebrows for a few minutes.

Tip: The water should only be so hot that you don’t burn yourself and can endure it well.

Comb your eyebrows and mark the edges

Comb your eyebrows and mark the edges

Dry the eyebrows and comb with a brush in the direction of growth. Then use a kohl on the top and bottom to mark how you want to shape your eyebrows. Then you don’t have to be careful after shaving. If you are already practiced, you can shave without marking. It personally helped me a lot at the beginning.

The use of shaving cream or gel is optional. If you prefer and your skin is sensitive, it can make the blade slide better. I usually shave my eyebrows without.

Tip: When shaving, make sure that you don’t set the razor too steep, otherwise you cut yourself faster than you can see.

Shape the top edge

Shape the top edge

Now we take our eyebrow razor and tighten the skin above the brow with the fingers of the free hand. Then we carefully position the razor above and run the blade down along the skin. This continues until we have removed all of the hairs and shaped the eyebrow at the top.

Tip: Make sure that the brow rises towards the arch. So don’t take too much away.

Shape the bottom edge

Shape the bottom edge

The bottom edge is a bit more difficult because you have to be careful not to shave too much hair and don’t get your eyelashes. I therefore like to recommend: “Close your eyes while shaving”. Tighten the skin with the thumb or index finger of your free hand and, depending on how easy it is for you, start from the outside or the middle. Place the razor at a slight angle and carefully pull it over the hairs along the marked shape.

Tip: First shave in and then against the direction of growth.

Caring for the skinThen lubricate the skin around the eyebrows with a good care cream.

Be careful when choosing the right eyebrow razor:

If you want to buy an eyebrow razor, you should definitely pay attention to the quality when buying. I had a cheap, inferior product and tore my hair out rather than cut it off. I immediately threw things away and brought me something sensible, which was not extremely expensive now.

My Experiences:

As you can see, shaving eyebrows is not rocket science, absolutely painless and quick. I personally prefer to shave more often than to have the pain of plucking. I personally have used both of the linked razors and have had good experiences with both. If you prefer an electric version, you can of course also try it.

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