You want to get a septum piercing and are looking for information about pain, costs, care and healing? I report on my personal experiences and provide you with everything you need to know about septum  in this post .

Tradition of The Nose Rin

Traditionally, the septum piercing is one of the most widespread, if you ignore the ear piercing. It was often engraved during initiation rituals and often worn by warriors. The Aztecs and Mayas also wore this nose ring for religious reasons. This type of body jewelry also has a long tradition in Africa and Asia.

Let the Septum Pierce:

You want to have a septum pierced  and wonder what to expect? Ultimately, there is no reason to be afraid of it. It is only important that you look for a competent piercer, because often it is unfortunately stung through the cartilage, which leads to a much longer healing time and also more pain during the lancing. In addition, it often happens that it is pricked wrong, which is particularly noticeable with a nose ring.

What Happens at The Piercer?

If you have now found the right piercer for which you want to have the septum piercing pierced, then you can start. You will normally not be anesthetized, which is not necessary either. The piercer will take a close look at your nasal septum and mark the appropriate place. It is not that easy to prick this piercing straight, because every nasal septum is different.

He then disinfects the area and takes special pliers, which can be a little uncomfortable. Now he sticks the piercing with the cannula and pulls the desired jewelry through the hole and that’s it. Normally, jewelry with a thickness of 1.2 mm or 1.6 mm is used. You should definitely be informed about the size of the jewelry used and the diameter of it. So you can easily buy other jewelry later.

Where Exactly is it Stung?

As already mentioned, the septum piercing should not be pierced through the cartilage, but rather through the thin cuticle, which is located in the nasal septum. You can feel this when you move the palpable cartilage down. The area is relatively sensitive, but also thin, since this is really just a cuticle.

Pierce The Septum Piercing Yourself

As with any other piercing, I can only tell you one thing:

Pierce the septum piercing yourself – an absolute no-go!

The risk of inflammation and injuries is far too great. In addition, you yourself do not have a really good look into your nose and can therefore place the cannula poorly. The result of this are mostly crooked and incorrectly pierced piercings, which you can take out again in no time. Better invest a little money and have it done professionally. So you can still enjoy this body jewelry months and years later.

Septum Piercing – Pain When Stinging

The internet is full of horror stories when it comes to sting pain  . And in fact it is like piercing like tattooing – everyone is different, so everyone has a different sense of pain.

If the piercing is really stuck through the cuticle properly, then the pain is really limited. What you can adjust to is an uncomfortable pull while the cannula is pushed through the cuticle. You will lose a few tears, but this is not because of the severe pain when septum piercing, but because such “interventions” on the nose have an immediate effect on the eyes.

You could only have really severe pain if the piercer either pierced the cartilage or injured him. But that shouldn’t be the case with a good piercing studio.

Septum Piercing Sting Let Cost Care Healing

Healing and Healing Time:

Healing with septum piercing is relatively straightforward, but lengthy. I personally had a healing time  of almost 6 months, but I have to say that I have hay fever and therefore my nose often runs, which naturally increases the healing time.

The healing time of the septum should normally take between 2 and 3 months. For me, however, this time was more uncomfortable than the lancing itself. Because the nose was very sensitive for a long time and also painful when touched. But like stinging, healing  is different for everyone. Some feel nothing after a week and others take a little longer, like in my case.

The Right Care:

Of course, as with any other septum piercing, care is  extremely important. You should normally receive care instructions from your piercer, which you should also follow. I used Prontolind and cleaned the piercing with a non-linting cotton swab, better still with a kitchen roll.

The product you use should definitely be suitable for mucous membranes and I personally cleaned my fresh septum 1x in the morning and 1x in the evening.

Tip:  Before you take care of your piercing, make sure that your hands and fingernails are clean!

What To Do If The Septum Becomes Inflamed:

You followed the care instructions and still your septum caught fire? Then you should definitely talk to your piercer and best visit him. He can take a closer look and give you the right tips and information. If it doesn’t get any better, just removing the piercing may help.

What Are The Risks?

As with any piercing, there are of course risks with the septum . The greatest risk is that the branch can become inflamed. But even then, there are ways to fix the inflammation. If it is extremely badly stung or if dirty materials are used, the worst-case scenario could be nasal breathing.

However, the nose piercings are among the most harmless representatives of their kind, which is why the risks are limited.

Septum Piercing Costs:

Now, of course, the question is inevitably what a septum piercing will cost. I paid exactly 55.00 euros for mine in 2016. The price included the piercing itself, the aftercare examination and the jewelry used, in my case a horseshoe ring. However, the price can vary. In most studios, however, it ranges between 40 and 70 euros.

Septum Jewelry – Rod or Ring?

Before the septum is bribed, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to jewelry. You can choose between a ring and a stick. It is often due to personal taste, which one you choose. If you want to hide the septum piercing, then a banana would be the right choice for you. But even if a ring in the nasal septum reminds you of an ox, it could be the better option.

At that time I personally decided on a horseshoe ring, but replaced it with a ring after the healing period. The reason for this is very simple. The horseshoe with its two balls looks nice, but I have seen in photos again and again that the horseshoe has shifted and accordingly hung obliquely in my nose. That bothered me a lot, which is why I just replaced it with a closed ring. I haven’t had the problem since.

Can The Piercing Be Hidden?

If you want to or have to hide the septum piercing because you can’t have it at work, for example, you can easily wear a horseshoe ring or a banana plug. You can turn it in such a way that you can no longer see it. With the horseshoe ring, you should only make sure that the opening is large enough and the ring is not too large, otherwise it cannot be turned inwards.

Fake Septum Instead Of Proper Piercing:

If you find the nose ring pretty, but either don’t dare or just don’t want a hole in your nasal septum, you can use a fake septum. These half-open rings are simply clamped in the nose and look confusingly similar to a real piercing. From personal experience, I cannot tell you whether it is comfortable or they slide constantly.

Even if you are not sure whether you have a septum, this is a great way to simply try it out.

My Personal Experiences:

I would like to give you a summary of my personal experiences with septum piercing. For a long time I had the desire to get one stung and after a few other piercings I was not entirely without a requirement. Still, frankly, I was pretty scared of the horror stories I’d read about the pain. At some point I gave myself a jerk and went to the piercer I trust.

The pain was not as bad as expected, only the healing phase dragged on me quite a bit. The constant blowing of my nose from my hay fever was quite an ordeal. Fortunately, despite the large nose, it did not catch fire and still does not cause me any problems today.

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