For a moment carelessly and it happened: The glass of red wine falls over and the red stain is on the wall, on the carpet, in clothing or on the wooden table – for most of us a horror. Now good advice is quite expensive. How can you get red wine stains out? I’ll show you which home remedies remove red wine and which you shouldn’t take.

“Crap, I spilled red wine”

One of the worst stains you can have on clothes or the carpet is red wine stains. As soon as the glass or bottle falls over, most of us run ice cold on the back. If you notice it immediately, you have a clear advantage, because there are two levels of difficulty in removing red wine:

  • Fresh red wine stains and
  • Dried red wine stains.

The dried stains are more demanding and difficult to get out than fresh ones. I will now show you which tools and home remedies you can use to get red wine out.

Remove fresh red wine stains

If the mishap has just happened, quick help is needed, because the fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove it.

With a fresh red wine stain, a bowl of cold water and kitchen paper are the perfect emergency set.

This immediate measure is particularly helpful for stains on clothing, small carpets or bed linen:

  1. First, try to take as possible with paper towels as much red wine. Just dab and don’t rub here!
  1. Then rinse the affected piece vigorously under running, cold water. If heavily soiled, you can also put water in a bowl and place the garment or carpet there for a few hours.
  1. Then off into the washing machine.

I’ll show you a selection of home remedies that help against fresh red wine stains:

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Home remedies against red wine stainsUse on fresh stains
Mineral water may sound
strange at first, but the carbonic acid ensures that the dyes dissolve better. Therefore, the more carbon dioxide the water has, the better.
Put some mineral water on the red wine stain, immediately with kitchen paper or a white one! Dab the cotton cloth. Repeat this process until no more color comes out.
Glass cleaner
If you do not have bottled water on hand, then glass cleaner is also a good remedy.
Put a little glass cleaner on the stain and, like with mineral water, wipe up the residue with a white cloth. Repeat the process several times.
Lemon juice / white wine
vinegar The use of lemon juice and white wine vinegar is helpful for white fabrics.
Soak the stain with lemon juice or white wine vinegar, let it soak and then wash it out under running water.
Dry Shampoo
Another home remedy for removing red wine stains is actually dry shampoo. It is particularly suitable for sensitive materials such as silk, wool or even viscose.
Spray the red wine stain with dry shampoo and let the liquid soak up. Then simply brush off.
Whether schnapps, vodka or white spirit, these alcoholic drinks are also effective for red wine stains.
Simply let the alcohol drip onto the stain and, after a short exposure time, dab it off and then wash it out.
Salt / potato starch
Frequently we read of salt or potato starch as a home remedy for red wine stains. But that only works mediocre, which is why you should prefer the better functioning alternatives and only use salt or starch if you have no other option.
Simply cover the entire stain with salt or potato starch so that it can absorb the liquid. When it has absorbed everything, brush off the salt and wash the garment or carpet well.

After you have processed the red wine stain, you should definitely put the affected piece in the washing machine!

red wine stain home remedies salt

You have these options if you have a fresh red wine stain on a carpet, t-shirt, tablecloth or bed linen. But what does it look like when the stain is already old and dried up?

Remove dried red wine stains

If at all possible, you should treat the fresh stain and not wait until it has dried up. But if everything does not help and the stain is noticed far too late, then simple means no longer help.

Θ Info
Dried red wine stains are so stubborn, because the aglycone penetrates deep into the fibers and becomes lodged there. Unfortunately, it is hardly soluble in water, which makes the whole thing even more difficult.

But which home remedies help against dried red wine stains?

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Home remedies against red wine stainsUse on dried stains
Detergent The
ideal home remedy for red wine stains that have already dried up is detergent.
Fill a bowl with cold water and add two tablespoons of detergent. Dip the stain in the water, work the stain with your fingers or a gentle brush and let the piece soak for about an hour.
Washing powder

Logically, we think in removing stains immediately detergent, which is also helpful in red wine stains.

The procedure is the same as for detergent. It is important that you use cold water.
Liquid soap Liquid soap also

Acts like the washing powder just mentioned or the detergent.

Here, too, we proceed as with the detergent to remove the dried red wine stain.
White wine / sparkling wine

A great home remedy for red wine stains is white wine or sparkling wine. The acid contained in the stain removes it from the fabric.

Simply soak the red wine stain in white wine or sparkling wine. You can get the best result by soaking it for at least 30 minutes.

No matter which home remedy you choose, you should always test it in an inconspicuous place first, to make sure that you don’t ruin your clothing or your favorite carpet.

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remove red wine

And don’t despair if you don’t get the red wine stain out the first time. Sometimes it just helps to try another home remedy. Since red wine is relatively stubborn, it may well be that you have to treat the stain more often.

If none of the above home remedies help, then you should use a special cleaner. Because nowadays a red wine stains is no longer a reason to throw something away.

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