Greasy hair is one of the problems that people still don’t like to talk about. And people who suffer from greasy hair in the long run are more likely to withdraw than talk about this problem. For the most part, it’s also a cosmetic rather than a medical problem. I will show you what causes oily hair, which home remedies are suitable as immediate help for shiny hair and how you can have your hair greased.

Why does hair get greasy?

It often affects adolescents who are currently in puberty and who, shortly after washing their hair, are annoyed by greasy and unkempt hair.

Basically, however, the following applies: For hair health, fat is extremely important.

But here too, as is so often the case in life, the right amount is important. Every single hair sits on a sebum that surrounds the hair like a ring. With every movement of the hair, a small amount of fat is also released. The clear, low-viscosity fat produced in the sebaceous glands, which is also called “sebum”, covers both the surface of the skin and the surface of the hair shaft with a thin protective film that is water-repellent.

An important protective film

This protective film is very important for the hair, because it not only prevents it from becoming brittle, but also prevents the hair from breaking off. This protective film also gives hair shine and smoothness. If the sebum is produced in a normal amount, it has a very good purpose. It only becomes a problem if the normal delivery amount is exceeded, which is also called seborrhea in specialist circles. A visible, unpleasant grease film forms on the hair, the fullness of the hair decreases and every hairstyle shows within a very short time only streaky and sticky hair.

Shiny Hair Greasy Hairline

Causes greasy hair

Before we look at what helps against greasy hair too quickly, we should of course take a closer look at the causes of oily hair. Hereditary disposition is basically responsible for the amount of sebum produced. But the following also plays a not unimportant role in this context:

  • The age and
  • the mode of action of hormones.
  • Testosterone and progesterone activate the sebaceous glands and can lead to increased sebum production.
  • In turn, estradiol is able to inhibit this increased production.
  • Especially thin hair can also tend to grease faster.

Hormonal balance disrupted

If for some reason the balance is upset, it can cause overproduction of the sebaceous glands. This is also the explanation for the fact that this problem occurs more and more, especially in hormonally exciting times. This can lead not only to oily skin during puberty, but also to oily hair. In most cases, this disappears after this exciting phase of life. Until the menopause, then it is happy to come back. But the pill or other hormone disorders can also be the cause of oily hair.

Improper care is often the main cause

However, the main cause of oily hair is often the improper care and longer periods of stress. An unbalanced diet and the constant wearing of headgear can also play a role. The changing seasons can also affect fat production. The sebum production is lower in winter than in summer. Warmth ensures that more sebum is produced.

If you like to use a lot of styling products such as gel, hairspray, wax, etc., this can also irritate the scalp so that it responds with an increased sebum production.

What helps against shiny hair?

If you suffer from a greasy scalp, you will have often faced the problem that you could have used immediate help against oily hair. Because who doesn’t know it…

… Your best friend comes along spontaneously in five minutes and your hair shines like a bacon rind?

Washing is usually no longer an option at this moment – there is simply no time for this. That’s why I would like to give you a few tips here, which quickly helps against oily hair as an immediate measure.

3 Home Remedies as Immediate Help for Oily Hair

These are my personal wonder weapons when there is no time to wash your hair and you still want them to not look so greasy. Maybe one of my 3 immediate home remedies for greasy hair will work for you too.

Oily Skin: Causes, Remedies and Make-Up Tips

Home remedies for emergency aidApplication
FlourA great tip against oily hair is flour, which, when used correctly, acts like a dry shampoo. Simply take a little bit of it and distribute it along the hairline and in the lengths. Then comb out really well with a brush so that no residue remains. The flour absorbs the excess sebum, which is then simply brushed out. It’s best to do it outside!
Baby powderBaby powder works just like rye flour. Only those with very dark hair should use a hair dryer in addition to combing out so that they don’t have a veil on their hair.
Colorless face powderPowder applied with a large makeup brush can also help keep the greasy roots out of sight. Do the same as with flour and comb out as well. The powder should be colorless!

Greasy Hair Home Remedies Emergency Aid

Grease hair:

One option that does not help immediately, but has already delivered great results to many, is quite simple: let the hair be greased.

“How is that supposed to work?” You are wondering?

The basic idea is not to wash the hair for a certain time, so that the sebum production is shut down because there is enough fat on the hairline. The period is usually worked with a week in which you should not wash your hair. Then you use a really mild shampoo and the next time you wash it again after three days. This has already helped some women get rid of their greasy hair and extend the intervals between washes.

Maybe there are days off in winter to try it out?

Grease slowly

If the variant just listed is too blatant, you can slowly extend the washing intervals. With this variant you wash your hair, then you do not wash it for one day and so you always extend the days between the hair washes by another. The scalp remembers this and learns to regulate sebum production more.

Proper care is essential

Since this problem has different forms and also different causes, possible countermeasures must be considered individually. And so there is nothing left for those affected but to find the right care for themselves. Here you have to try out what is particularly good for you and your hair.

Which shampoo for greasy hairline?

Shampoos that are specifically used against oily hair should not contain proteins or lipid-replenishing substances such as silicones or oils. They only make hair heavier and greasier than it already is. Look for substances that are able to bind the excess fat to the skin and hair and remove it when washing.

Θ Important to know:

Shampoos made specifically for oily hair should not be used more than two to three times a week unless they are particularly mild. Otherwise important scalp substances are removed from the scalp, to which it can react with redness and itching.

Personal experiences and tips against oily hair

I also washed my hair for a long time every day because it was greasy again the next day. For me it was due to the use of styling products and a hormone disorder that my hair regreased faster than I could have liked. Flour was the perfect emergency aid for me when something spontaneous was going on again. In the meantime, thanks to the lengthening of the intervals, I still wash every four to five days without having a greasy hairline.

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