You want to get a nipple piercing and are now looking for information about the pain , costs and proper care after piercing? In my guide you will learn everything you before and after the nipple piercing should know. It is precisely for women, the question of is breast-feeding with pierced nipple interesting.

History of jewelry in the nipple

In the Gulf of Mexico and southern Algeria, the nipple was pierced earlier than in Europe. There were reports of nipple piercings among the upper class for the first time from the 14th century. The noble woman is said to have worn clothes at that time that did not cover the nipple. Decorating them was the trend. Piercing is enjoying greater popularity again today.

What jewelry can you use?

A very changeable piercing is definitely through the nipple. It is usually pricked across, but also upright, or both, as you prefer.

What jewelry can you use

Tip: If you do not want you’re piercing to be seen through a top, if you are not wearing a bra, you can simply stick a plaster over it and do not have to take it out.

However, there are almost no limits to the imagination when it comes to jewelry. There are the following types of jewelry for breast piercing:

  • Ring or clamping ring
  • Nipple Shield
  • Barbell (plug) with chain or pendant

With barbell in particular there are almost no limits when it comes to pendants or chains. Here you are really spoiled for choice.

Fake nipple piercing

Anyone who is too afraid of piercing their nipples can get a fake piercing. This is usually placed or clamped around the nipple. What sounds uncomfortable or painful at first is not that bad and makes a difference. Also ideal to try out whether you really like piercing through the nipple

Gets pierced nipple piercing?

Do you want to get a nipple piercing? Then you are certainly looking for as much information as possible to be well prepared. I can understand that, it was always the same with me.


Nipple piercing does not prick through the tip of the nipple at the front, but usually somewhat behind it through the softer tissue.

That happens at the piercer

So that you know what awaits you at the piercer, I would like to briefly explain how he will proceed.

  1. The piercer will ask you to free yourself upstairs and try to figure out how best to pierce the piercing through the nipple so it looks good.
  2. Now he will disinfect your nipples and use a pen to mark the place where he wants the needle to go through. He will also discuss with you whether you like it and where exactly he pierces.
  3. Usually you can lie down on a couch that is inclined and you can start.
  4. Your piercer will pierce your nipple with a needle and then carefully pull the jewelry through.
  5. If you want a breast piercing on each side, then the other side is now on. If possible, both sides are punctured from time to time.

Nipple piercing is crooked

If you notice after piercing or at some point that the piercing is wrong, and then takes a deep breath, because the nipple turns, depending on the state of erection. So if your nipples are not hard right now, the piercing may appear crooked. As soon as the nipples become hard again, this regulates itself again. You can also simply take the plug and reposition it correctly.

Raising an arm can also cause the piercing to appear crooked. Definitely take a closer look here before you call your piercer about it.

If you are unable to align the plug at all, the nipple piercing will be crooked and is a case for the piercer.

Even more counselors too many other piercings can be found under the body jewelry.

Can you stab a breast piercing yourself?

If you now come up with the idea of wanting to pierce your own breast piercing, I can only advise against it. That’s not a good idea. The risk of injury is quite high here. The nipples are very hard, which is why it is always a challenge for experienced piercers to push the needle through the firm tissue. Apart from that, it is incredibly difficult to prick straight – so let it be done professionally and not lend a hand.

How severe is the pain when stinging?

The pain sensation is different for everyone, so it is difficult to say what the pain is when piercing the nipple. Some of them could almost hit the ceiling while stabbing and others hardly feel anything.

But one thing is the same for everyone: the left breast always hurts more when piercing than the right.

Why exactly that is so could perhaps be due to the proximity to the heart.

If you don’t have any pain or want to reduce it a bit, you can work with Emla ointment. You can find more information on this in the FAQ section below.


The cost of a nipple piercing varies depending on the piercer. Normally, the price should be between 50 and 65 Euros. The stinging, the jewelry, care products, follow-up examinations and a general accompaniment until the healing process should be included.

The healing of the nipple piercing

The nipple piercing has a relatively long healing time of 6 – 12 months. Even if you no longer have any pain after maybe a month or two, it may still take some time until the puncture channel has healed inside.

In the first three weeks, you should be careful and avoid the following:

  • Sauna,
  • Steam bath,
  • Swimming pool,
  • Full bath,
  • Tight clothes,
  • Contact with saliva,
  • sexual activities that involve the nipple.

Tip: Going for a swim in the sea is no problem just a few days after the sting.

The healing of the nipple piercing

Exercise with fresh nipple piercing, is that allowed?

Are you sporty and wondering if you can do sports with fresh nipple piercing ? The answer to this is not that simple because it is a yes and no. Anything that does not affect the piercing is allowed. However, it should be noted that you sweat during sports and the sweat is not so great for the freshly pierced nipple piercing.

The puncture channel could also be irritated by strong movements of the upper body. Accordingly, it is worth shifting down a gear for the first few weeks.

Can I wear tight clothes?

Avoid anything that could irritate your piercing during the healing phase. But you will also quickly notice yourself what is comfortable and what is not. A sports bra and a loose shirt are certainly better than anything that is close to the body. It is best to try to irritate the piercing as little as possible.

And even if you don’t think of it at first, watch out in large crowds. Somebody accidentally bumps into your chest – extremely unpleasant with a fresh nipple piercing.

The right cares So that you later enjoy your piercing, you should take care of it properly.

Basically, always follow the care tips of the piercer, because he is the specialist.

In order to take care of your nipple piercing, you should use a special care product, e.g. B. Prontolind, spray on the nipples and jewelry and carefully clean them with a dampened kitchen roll. If you have strong incrustations, then soak them a little with lukewarm water. Under no circumstances scratch it around.

After disinfecting and cleaning, you can put some gel on the fresh wound. Whether you should move the stick after applying the gel or not – there are different opinions. Some say do not move under any circumstances, others say move very easily and carefully. However, this can be a bit difficult because the nipple is really very hard. Under no circumstances should you tear it roughly, but always proceed carefully. It’s best to listen to your piercer’s advice.

Breastfeeding baby with nipple piercing – how does it work?

Fun fact: It can happen that the milk on the nipple also comes out through the puncture channel. That is not bad, but of course it is due to the branch channel.

By the way, women who breastfeed repeatedly report that they had bigger problems with the nipple that was once pierced. He was often more sensitive or bitchy than the non-pierced one.

For women it is of course an issue whether you can breastfeed a baby with nipple piercing. In principle, it’s not a problem at all, but you should definitely take the jewelry out. Your baby could otherwise hurt himself or swallow it if the jewelry should open.


Does a nipple piercing help against nipples and is it possible to sting at all?

Piercing the nipple is actually a good way to point out nipples. These are always directed inwards again and again, which a woman might find unattractive. The piercing ensures that she can no longer withdraw.

You should definitely look for a good piercer with experience in this area.

Can you numb the nipples before stinging?

Yes, you can use Emla ointment , for example . However, this must be used exactly according to the package insert so that it can work. Even if the manufacturer states that the ointment can be left on for a maximum of 1.5 hours, it may be that a longer exposure time is necessary to really numb the area. You should also leave them on until just before the lancing and only remove them at the piercer, who you must definitely tell that you have used this ointment. The nipples react very differently than normal, which is important for the correct positioning of the piercing.

After the healing phase, fluid keeps coming out, is that normal?

For example, a nipple piercing is never really dry compared to a helix piercing . Accordingly, there is no need to worry if the escaping liquid looks normal, e.g. B. is not totally yellow. If you have other complaints such as severe itching or the like. then the way to the piercer or doctor is worthwhile.

The nipple piercing is bleeding, what to do?

After piercing the nipple piercing, it can happen that it bleeds easily. It is a fresh wound that first has to heal and sometimes you are a little careless when cleaning and the puncture channel opens again. This is no cause for alarm, but of course it shouldn’t last too long.

Can I wear a ring from the start?

Theoretically yes, but the ring in the branch channel moves much more than the rod. As a result, wound healing takes longer. That is why many recommend not to use a ring at the beginning, but only after the nipple piercing has healed.

Can I have a nipple piercing with silicone implants?

There are no restrictions here either. If you want to have the implants inserted after the piercing, you only have to remove the jewelry for the operation.

If you want to get a nipple piercing, go ahead. As you can see, there is no reason not to do it, so dare.

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