Your nail polish is not drying? Sometimes it’s real to despair. Again and again you have the problem that the paint does not harden properly. That’s enough of that. In this post I will show you how you can dry your nail polish faster and then go home without any quirks thanks to simple home remedies.

Freshly painted fingernails – a love-hate relationship

Every woman has certainly experienced this before. You had dinner with friends in the evening. Two hours are still enough time to quickly paint your nails. So get to the table, apply the varnish, blow a little and after a few minutes the varnish appears to be dry. We put our jacket on very carefully and that’s where it happened – a thick flaw on the fresh nail polish.

So quickly back to the bathroom, dip your fingers in nail polish remover and then arrive late for dinner with unpainted nails. Can’t it be better?

How long does nail polish dry?

Each product takes a certain amount of time to dry and then, above all, to dry. Because just because the surface feels smooth and no longer sticky, that doesn’t mean that it also looks like this in the lower nail polish layers.

So how long does nail polish need to dry?

Nail polish should be dry after 45 – 60 minutes.

how long does nail polish need to dry

What is the best way to dry nail polish?

Phew, an hour is a lot of time if you just sit there and wait for something, because there is not much to do with the hands in time. There must be a couple of effective ways to make nail polish dry faster, right? Yes, there is no doubt about it. I would like to introduce you to home remedies, quick-drying lacquers and special nail polish dryers.

Home remedies

Especially in the evenings, when there are no more shops open, aids are often required, which each of us has at hand anyway? And you’re lucky, there are actually home remedies that can serve us well. We want to take a closer look at a few methods that are advertised again and again.

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 Drying nail polish with a UV lamp

Time and again you read that you can dry the nail polish with a UV lamp. Unfortunately, this is not a good tip, because that unfortunately has no effect on the drying time of nail polish.

Dip freshly painted nails in cold water

This may sound a bit strange at first, but yes, you should dip your freshly painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water so that the nail polish dries faster. Simply paint the nails as usual, wait about a minute and then dip your fingers in ice-cold water for a few minutes.

Use a hair dryer another means that

However, poses a lot of danger of messing up the paint, is the hair dryer. You can gently blow your fingers on the lightest level with enough clearance and cold air. The cold air ensures that the nail polish dries faster. However, there is a great risk that the paint could cause waves, so always keep enough distance.

Blowing freshly painted fingernails

Somehow it’s almost like a constraint – whenever I have freshly painted my nails, I blow so that they dry faster. But stop! This does nothing for the drying time of the nail polish, on the contrary. This will only get more moisture to your nails, which is why the drying process is slower than faster.

Putting your fingers in the freezer compartment
Similar to the method with the cold water, you can simply hold the freshly painted fingernails in the freezer compartment for a few minutes.

As you can see, not every home remedy lets nail polish dry faster. But there are other methods that we want to take a closer look at.

Extra quick drying nail polish

But why make such a big effort with any home remedies when there are also quick-drying nail polishes? This should harden within a very short time and thus save us any quirks in the fresh paint. These quick-dry formula products can be helpful if you don’t have enough time.

Nail polish dryer

If you don’t like the above-mentioned home remedies or the extra quick-drying lacquer, a nail polish dryer may be the agent of choice. Most of them are either drops or sprays. These are put on the nail after painting and ensure that the nail polish dries faster.

No matter which of the above methods you choose, I have one very important tip for you:

Apply the nail polish in as thin layers as possible. Because the thinner you put it on the nail, the faster it cures. It is better to apply another thin layer instead of a thick one.

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