Do you want to make your Christmas table decorations yourself and are you looking for ideas and suggestions? Then you will find it here. Today I’ll show you how you can easily recreate this pretty Christmas decoration with the help of my DIY instructions.

Decoration for the Christmas days

The darker it gets outside at Christmas time, the more beautiful it will be in our apartments and houses. That’s why beautiful decorations are high on the to-do list for most of them for Christmas. But why always buy what you get by default in the store when you can make Christmas table decorations yourself?

Decoration for the Christmas days

By the way, you can easily adapt the utensils used in my DIY to your personal wishes. Choose balls in your favorite color and matching flowers, just as you like it. In this case, I decided to use artificial orchid flowers, thanks to the sponge you can of course also use real ones. The size can also be varied wonderfully. And if you need a gift that you have made yourself quickly, then it is also suitable for this.

DIY instructions

Then you can start. Depending on the size of your sponge, the required amount of fir branches, flowers, etc. also varies, of course. It is best to have a little too much instead of too little. If possible, nothing should be seen of the floral sponge.

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DIY instructions

For the Christmas table decoration you need:

  • Floral sponge,
  • Knife,
  • Bowl of water,
  • Decorative plate or bowl,

  • Christmas balls,
  • Fir branches, etc.,
  • Flowers (artificial or real)

Of course, there are no limits to your imagination. You can use whatever you want for this cute table decoration.

Step by step, this is how it works:

christmas table decoration instructions diy

Adjust the size of the sponge to the plate. If it is too big, simply cut it to size with a small knife. Then soak it in a bowl with water.

christmas table decoration instructions

Now place the soaked sponge on the plate or bowl.

table decoration instructions diy

Now we gradually equip our floral sponge with our blossoms, balls and fir branches. Be sure to place everything close together so that you can no longer see the sponge.

make table decorations yourself

And our pretty, Christmas table decoration is ready. It was really easy and quick, wasn’t it?

Christmas table decorations make yourself

This Christmas plate fits wonderfully on every dining table, but it is also suitable for the chest of drawers or the glass cabinet. You probably already have a place in your head where it will do well.

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