You want to have a piercing over your lip and have questions about the pain, the healing and the stinging itself? Then you will find it in my guide around the labret. I’ll show you what you need to know about Madonna Piercing.

Piercings on the lip

There are very different types of lip piercings. Some are stung below, others above the lip, and others go straight through. In order to give you a brief overview, I would like to quickly list the different types:

  • Medusa piercing in the

Middle above the lip

  • Madonna piercing

Left or right over the lip

  • Ashley Piercing

Through the middle of the lower lip and ends on the inside.

  • Eskimo piercing

Like Ashley, but the end leads to the outside below the lip.

  • Snakebite piercing

Left and right below the lip

  • Piercing the lower lip

The lower lip or Labret- Piercing is pierced centrally below the lip.

Which piercing on the lip you choose is entirely up to you. Some are more subtle, others a little more striking.

Get Madonna Piercing

Have you decided on a piercing on the left or right over the lip? Wonderful, then it’s off to the piercer. Here, as in my other piercing posts, I can only repeat:

Find a good piercer who knows his craft. In this way you avoid piercing that is crooked or wrong. A crooked lip piercing is everything else, just not beautiful.

The Madonna Piercing is stung where many stars have a beauty mark. Madonna or Cindy Crawford should be mentioned here. Hence the name is derived.

Madonna Piercing

That happens at the piercer

  1. First you will have to decide whether you want it left or right. Depending on your wishes, the piercer will mark the spot with a pen. Here you should definitely say whether it fits you there or you would like to have it placed somewhere else. Subsequent changes are logically no longer possible.
  2. You get a mouthwash and the area is disinfected from the outside.
  3. Now the piercer uses so-called clamp pliers. With this he fixes the area above the lip.
  4. Now the area is pierced – it means to keep still.
  5. Then the jewelry is pulled through and your Madonna Piercing is finished.

Length of the initial jewelry

The first jewelry you get will be a little longer. This is because the area of piercing will swell. A long piece of jewelry is used to prevent unnecessary irritation and tension in the tissue. So the swelling has enough space to expand. But don’t worry, after a certain time everything will go away and a shorter rod can also be used.

How severe is the pain when stinging?

The feeling of pain is always subjective and different for everyone. However, I know from my own experience that this is exactly what most people are interested in before the piercing appointment. You look for experiences and you will find that some were in pain and others felt almost nothing. So you stand there, have two opinions and don’t know how you will fare.

But I can calm you down. The pain when piercing a Madonna piercing is very limited.

Pierce lip piercing yourself

Do you want to pierce your lip piercing yourself? I can only strongly advise against this. The risk of hitting nerves or pricking the piercing is too great. Such a piercing is really not expensive these days, so you should simply have it done by a professional. Everything else could be bitterly regretted at some point.


The price of a Madonna Piercing naturally varies. However, the costs should normally be between 50 and 65 Euros. Piercing, jewelry, care products, follow-up examinations and general support until healing should be included. Only the follow-up jewelry is usually not included, but this also varies from studio to studio.

It is best to go to the website of your piercing studio; most of them have a price list there. Alternatively, a call helps and you already know what your lip piercing will cost.

Labret piercing risks

No important nerve pathways or the like run above the lip, so that the risks are also limited. The greatest risk is for teeth and gums. A labret is usually used as jewelry in this area. This plug is flat on the inside and the ball is screwed on the outside. The flat piece inside naturally comes into contact with teeth and gums.

Fear of game meat? It no longer has to be. These discs are simply attached to the piercing and on the one hand prevent the game meat from being created and on the other hand ensure that it goes away again.

This can lead to immense irritation and result in the decline of the gums. You can prevent this problem by not using metal and choosing a PTFE connector.

The small plate is softer here and is less irritating to teeth and gums. The plug has to be replaced more often because it is not so durable, but it is gentle on your mouth.

If that doesn’t help either, you can only take the jewelry out.

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Piercing Over Lip

Healing with the Madonna Piercing

Healing in this case is fairly straightforward. Your labret piercing should normally heal completely within four to eight weeks. That’s how long you have to leave the long plug in. You will notice that in the first few days speaking and everyday things like eating, brushing teeth, etc. are a little difficult. But you just have to go through it. That should be much better within a few days.

For hygienic reasons, you should not refrain from brushing your teeth despite pain, as this can promote inflammation of the puncture canal. Good oral hygiene is essential.


The first few days after piercing, you will get a fairly voluminous upper lip. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and will go away after a few days. If you don’t want to walk around like this, it might be worth taking a week off or making the piercing appointment before the weekend.

What helps against swelling?

Cooling is the best remedy for swelling. Make sure that you don’t put ice cubes directly on the skin. It’s best to pack a few of them in a clean and fresh tea towel and carefully hold it to your lip. A cold pack from the fridge can also be helpful here.

The right care

Your piercer should have given you instructions on how to take care of your Madonna Piercing. Stick to it too. You usually get either a mouthwash or a disinfectant spray, which you use several times a day at the relevant place.

As with any piercing in the area of the mouth, you should pay particular attention to proper care after eating or smoking, so that nothing can catch fire. But be careful, you can also maintain a piercing.

What should you do without?

The first days you should definitely be on

  • Alcohol,
  • Nicotine,
  • Dairy products,
  • Spicy, sour or hot food,
  • Sour drinks,
  • Kisses and
  • Oral sex

Dispense. This could unnecessarily delay the healing of your piercing and increase the risk of inflammation.

What to do if the lip piercing is inflamed?

If you’re fresh piercing starts to fester or doesn’t heal at all, then you should definitely let your piercer look over it. He can best assess the situation and discuss the next steps with you.

If you don’t want that, you can of course just take the piercing out.

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