When it’s getting colder and more uncomfortable outside, this is the best time to get back to doing handicrafts inside. With suitable DIY projects, you can create atmospheric decorations for the Christmas season. Many would also like to present their loved ones with small, homemade gifts. In addition, the Christmas card from your own creation should not be missing at the end.

Fast craft ideas with a big impact

Anyone who is already tackling decoration for the tree or the apartment should make a few more copies straight away. Many handicrafts are also suitable as tags for gifts or for spicing up creative cards.

If you have little time to do handicrafts in the often very busy weeks before Christmas, you don’t have to do without something homemade. On the Internet there is the possibility of choosing a nice template and designing it with text or with your own photos according to your own taste. Everyone gets an individual result with little effort. For example, the cards can be customized to match the present. Then in the end everything looks like it has been cast from a single source.

DIY ideas for beautiful Christmas cards – the card with a window

A card with a small window is a nice idea that is quick and very easy to implement. It is also ideal for those who don’t like handicrafts. Not much material is necessary: ​​construction paper or corrugated cardboard in any color, scraps of wrapping paper, glue and a cutter or scissors, plus a gold or silver pen, possibly glitter, pearls or other decoration and a piece of yarn or gift ribbon.

The first step is to make a card blank from construction paper in the desired dimensions. Usually these are these dimensions: 15.5 by 22 centimeters. Fold this card in the middle into a folding card and draw any motif on the inside of the cover sheet by hand or with a stencil, for example a star, an angel or a Christmas tree. There are templates for this on the Internet. An old Christmas card can also serve as a pattern.

In the next step the motif is cut out with the cutter. Then cut out the motif from wrapping paper. Make sure that the piece of wrapping paper is larger than the motif and covers the hole in the card. Now simply stick the piece of wrapping paper on from the inside so that the cut-out motif is completely covered and the printed side faces out.
If you want now, you can decorate the outside of the card as you like and use the metallic pen to outline the motif. The card text can simply be written on a piece of white paper that is inserted into the card as an insert. Attached with a piece of twine or ribbon, the insert stays in place.

Embroider a star on the Christmas card

This Christmas card is also easy to make. The necessary material is:

  • A card made of construction paper in any color
  • A star template or another Christmas motif
  • A soft surface, such as old newspapers or a piece of Styrofoam
  • A sewing needle
  • Yarn in silver or gold
  • Duct tape
  1. Open the card and place it on the surface with the outside facing up. Now put on the embroidery template and fix it at the corners so that it cannot slip. Then the needle is used: Simply pierce the holes given on the template and transfer the pattern onto the card. Then thread the thread into the needle and start from the back.
  2. It is best to fix the end of the thread inside with some adhesive tape. Now only embroider the motif on the card according to the pattern, always starting in the center of the motif. This is where all the threads come together in the end.
  3. Don’t over-tighten the thread or the hole may tear or the card may curl, which doesn’t look very nice. Now just stick a piece of construction paper or white paper over the inside so that the mostly unsightly back of the embroidery disappears. Use an insert again for the card text.

Card with 3-D Christmas tree

For the Christmas card with the 3D tree you need:

  • Construction paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors and contour scissors
  • 3D adhesive tape (available in the craft shop)
  • Craft wire
  • Stickers and decorative materials such as glitter, small felt figures or pearls

Cut the card out of the construction paper to the desired size and fold it in the middle to create a double card. Cut a rectangle out of the wrapping paper with the contour scissors, slightly smaller than the card, and glue it to the center of the front. Now cut out a Christmas motif from a different colored construction paper, for example a small Christmas tree, and wrap it with the craft wire. Stick this prepared Christmas tree to the card with the 3D adhesive tape and decorate it as you like.

Card with 3-D Christmas tree

A look into the past

The tradition of sending a greeting in the form of a card for Christmas is not as old as most people think. It goes back to the English nobility, namely to Lord Sir Henry Cole. He had a card made by the illustrator Callcott Horsley and produced 1,000 times to be mailed for Christmas. At the same time, Swiss Post introduced the postage stamp, which made sending Christmas greetings much easier.

About 30 years later this trend came to the United States, where popularity rose rapidly with new printing techniques and bright colors. At around the same time, this tradition became known in Germany.

At the time, it was typical in Germany to send out so-called wish sheets. These were letterheads that had a Christmas edge decoration. The sender placed a picture, text or poem in the middle. It was only with the advancement of printing technology that the Christmas card became more and more popular and the costs fell to a level that normal people could afford.

Send the Christmas greetings on time and sustainably

Today it is still a beautiful custom. So that the cards actually reach the addressee in time for the festival, they should not arrive too late. So if you want to send out Christmas cards, you should do so by mid-December.

Use templates for Christmas greetings

What would a Christmas card be without content? Rather meaningless! That’s why the right greetings are part of it. If possible, they should always be written on the cards by hand. It’s more personal. But be careful, Christmas cards, which should not appear unimaginative, should also contain different Christmas greetings depending on the addressee. If you lack the time or creativity, you can of course use templates. There are enough of these on the Internet.

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