“I’m totally stressed.” Who of us hasn’t said that before? In the job, the tasks pile up and you can hardly keep up with getting everything done. Then the household, various appointments and obligations, how are you supposed to manage all of this? Just put your feet up and do nothing, you don’t have the time.

However, your body and mind need relaxation to stay healthy. You will find out now which methods will help you.

Relaxed in everyday life – that’s how it works

Maybe the first thing you think about when you relax is to make yourself comfortable on the sofa and watch a movie? But that’s not what it means, even though it feels good. But when you watch television, impressions hit your brain that it has to process. The goal of relaxation, however, is to relieve physical and mental tension and really come to rest. You don’t let a car run at full speed all the time, otherwise it wears out within a short time. It’s the same with your body.

Allowing yourself to relax has many positive effects:

  • You strengthen your immune system.

With Constant stress, hormones are released that attack your immune system. This includes, for example, cortisol. By relaxing, you break down stress hormones and thus strengthen your immune system.

  • You increase your self-esteem

You time to treat yourself to relax, is an investment in yourself, people who rest in themselves, have a more positive self-image and radiate this also from the outside.

  • You become more efficient

Through targeted relaxation, your body recharges your batteries and thus remains more efficient.

The following exercises can help you stay relaxed in everyday life.

Relaxation exercises: this is how you leave everyday stress behind you

  1. Relaxation techniques

There are many different methods of relaxation, such as autogenic training, yoga or breathing techniques. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), which is based on physical tension and relaxation, is easy to learn and very effective . The practical thing about PMR is that you can basically use it anywhere – not just at home.

The easiest way to do this is to get yourself a CD and let yourself be guided as you practice. Before you buy, listen to different ones and choose one that makes the speaker’s voice comfortable for you.

  1. Dancing

This does not mean a dance class in which you concentrate on practicing steps. We’re talking about free dancing, in which you just do what you feel like – for yourself. Put on comfortable clothes and put on music that will keep you in a good mood. Dance how you like it and if you like, sing along! Then give yourself some rest. Lie on a blanket, yoga mat or sofa and wander with your attention once through your entire body, from head to tiptoe. Notice how your muscles feel now. Let it relax in a targeted manner when you feel tension.

  1. Go into

Nature Being out and about in nature gives you new energy. Whether you go to a park, to a lake or to the forest: the combination of the sounds of nature, the calm and the sunlight have a relaxing effect on us. It is best if you turn off your mobile phone during this time and let yourself go on the walk with as many senses as possible. Perceive the smells, the small details, the different colors. Touch a tree, moss, or stones. Be fully focused on what you are doing.

relaxation everyday nature

In order to actually have time to relax, it is crucial to say no more often. This is the only way to gain the freedom you need to switch off and do something good for yourself.

Time for you

Allowing you rest and relaxation has nothing to do with reckless selfishness. It’s an important form of self-care for you to stay healthy and comfortable. No short breaks or other lavish activities are necessary. Relaxation can easily be integrated into everyday life through small exercises. In keeping with the motto “Strength lies in peace”, relaxed people also appear more attractive.

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