Especially in the cold season, we should strengthen our immune system. One option is the ginger shot, a vitamin-rich drink that can be prepared with turmeric, oranges, lemons or apple juice. I will show you what effect Ginger Shots have and offer you two different recipes to follow suit. Let’s do the boost for the immune system ourselves and its very uncomplicated and quick, let’s go.

What is a ginger shot anyway?

You can now buy them ready-made in many shops, but it is still best to make them yourself. A ginger shot is actually nothing more than a small but very intense smoothie, the main component of which is the ginger tuber.

Consumed raw it is a real miracle of valuable ingredients and vitamins. In order to reduce the spiciness and make the shot more digestible, we enrich the ginger with turmeric, oranges, lemons or apples, just as you prefer. I personally use a classic mixer for this.

The right application

The ginger shot is pretty easy to use. Personally, I prepare a lot for about 3-4 days and then drink a shot glass full in the morning after breakfast. If I do the somewhat milder variant, I would be happy to do a little more.

Tip: Consume a maximum of 50 grams of fresh ginger or 5 grams of ginger powder per day.

If you are now wondering whether you can drink ginger shot on an empty stomach, then I would personally advise you against it. Eat at least a few bites before taking the shot.

Effect of ginger

The most important component of this immune boost is of course the ginger tuber. This has many positive properties that are very good for our body, especially in its raw state. I would like to list some of them here:

The ginger tuber is very rich in vitamin C and also offers plenty of iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus. The rhizome also contained therein has an antibacterial effect and contributes to a healthy intestinal flora.

In addition, ginger has a virus-static effect, ie it inhibits the multiplication of viruses, if that doesn’t sound like a real miracle cure.

How healthy is the trendy drink?

As you can see from the effect of ginger above, it has many good properties. Of course, especially at the beginning, the question arises whether a ginger shot is healthy? You can answer this question with a very clear yes.

However, since vitamin C is not heat-resistant, ginger should be consumed raw, as should lemon.

Make your own ginger shot

Nowadays you can even buy ready-made shots in every well-stocked supermarket. Personally, however, I would always choose the other variant and make the ginger shot myself.

Tip: Ginger has fibers that can still be felt in the shot. If you don’t like that, you should strain everything through a sieve after mixing. But it would be healthier to drink everything.

The fresher the ingredients, the richer the drink is in important ingredients, because vitamins etc. break down with each passing day.

You can now find out how to make such a delicious booster for the immune system yourself in my two favorite recipes.

Ginger shot recipes for the blender

In addition to a classic basic recipe, I would like to show you another variation. This is for people who would like to enrich their shot with citrus fruits.

You can also simply omit or exchange individual ingredients until you have found the perfect ginger shot recipe for you. All of my favorite recipes are made in the blender.

Ginger shot recipe

Ginger shot recipe

This basic recipe for a delicious and healthy ginger shot doesn’t have a lot of frills and tastes really delicious.

For this recipe you will need

  • Mixer
  • 1 Servings


  • 67 gr ginger fresh
  • 07 teaspoon turmeric
  • 67 ml of water
  • 67 ml apple juice


  • Wash ginger; remove hard spots and peel, if not organic. Otherwise the shell can stay on. Cut into large pieces.

  • Put the water, turmeric, apple juice and ginger in the blender.

  • If your mixer has a smoothie function, use this so that the ingredients are not overheated by the friction. Otherwise mix in short intervals.

  • Fill the ginger shot into a glass bottle or screw-top jar and use within 3-4 days (store in the refrigerator).

Ginger shot recipe with oranges and lemons

Ginger shot recipe with oranges and lemons

This ginger shot recipe with lemons and oranges, which are not only incredibly tasty, but also incredibly healthy, offers an additional boost in vitamin C.

For this recipe you will need

  • Mixer
  • 1 Serving


  • 67 gr ginger fresh
  • 2 oranges
  • 13 lemons
  • 67 ml of water
  • 07 teaspoon turmeric
  • 03 teaspoon honey


  • Peel the lemons and oranges. (Bowls without the whites can be frozen and used for cakes). Wash the ginger, cut out hard parts and, if it is organic, use it with the peel.

  • Cut everything into large pieces and put first the oranges and lemons, then the ginger and the remaining ingredients in the blender. Puree in the smoothie program.

  • Fill into a glass bottle or screw-top jar and use within 3-4 days (storage in the refrigerator).

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