Get Your Nose Pierced: Pain, Care and Healing

The nose piercing is one of the most popular piercings on the face. Based on my personal experience, I explain what you need to know about pain, costs, healing and care of the piercing in the nose.

Nose pierced types:

There are very different places on the nose where you can get a piercing. You can see exactly what types of nose piercing there are here:

  • Septum piercing

With a septum, the jewelry is inserted in the nasal septum.

  • Bridge piercing

Here a plug with two balls is attached to the bridge of the nose between the eyes.

  • Austin-Bar-Piercing

Here the plug is inserted horizontally through the tip of the nose.

  • Nasal Long Piercing

This variant combines the nostril and the septum in one. Here is pierced through both nostrils and the nasal septum.

  • Nostril piercing

Here the piercing is pierced directly through the nostril.

What is the name of the piercing in the nostril?

Of course, each piercing has its own name or a special name. The name for the nose piercing is ” Nostril “. It comes from the English and means something like nostril, which is actually a very suitable name for nasal piercing.

Let the nose pierced

You want to get a nose piercing now and are unsure because you don’t know what to expect? Ultimately, it’s like any other piercing. The pierce paints the injection site and lets you look again if you like it that way. This is followed by piercing with a sterile annular and then using a plug or a ring, whichever you prefer. And all the spook is over and you have your pretty nose decoration.

Why you shouldn’t let your Nostril shoot

For me personally, the nose piercing was my very first, which I was allowed to have at the age of 16. However, my mom just wanted to put her signature on the slip of a jewelry store. Back then, Pierce still had a backyard reputation.

Today we know that nose piercing is not ideal. Because you do not have a clear puncture channel, but the hole can be frayed by the strong pressure and then cause problems with the healing. For me that was probably not the case and the nose piercing is also well healed, although it was shot.

nose piercing shoot

Stinging pain

Even though I had my nose piercing shot, I was able to accompany my sister to the piercer at the time. Ultimately, piercing the nostril is briefly uncomfortable, but not really painful. Due to the irritation of the nose, you almost automatically lose a few tears, but this has nothing to do with the pain when stinging.

Pierce nose piercing yourself

If you don’t want to go to a pierce, but play with the idea of lending a hand, I can only advise against it. As with any other piercing, the nose piercing itself is a no-go. You do not have the experience that a professional piercer has, so the risk is quite high that your piercing will not heal properly, become inflamed or even crooked by the stinging itself. Piercing nerves is also always conceivable, which can lead to restricted functions and senses.

How much does a nose piercing cost?

The price for a piercing differs, of course, depending on the studio and region. Normally, the cost of a nose piercing is between 40 and 60 euros. This usually includes advice, lancing, the first jewelry and the follow-up examination. Of course, help should also be included during the healing period if there are any problems.

Most studios have a price list on their website where you can see exactly how much a nose piercing costs.

You usually have to add the means of care after pricking to the top.

Nose Piercing Healing

The healing with the nose piercing is very simple in itself. If you don’t have a pronounced runny nose, then you shouldn’t have any major problems either. As with any other piercing, care is of course also an important factor here, with which you can not only minimize the healing time, but also the risk of inflammation.

Healing time

The healing time for nose piercing is relatively short compared to other piercing. After 4 – 6 weeks the nostril should have healed and the use of new jewelry would also be possible. However, this is also individual for each, so it may take shorter or longer for your piercing to heal through the nostril.

Care of the Nostril

The Nostril is really easy to care for, because you can easily get to the point of entry and exit. Accordingly, you should simply follow the care instructions of your piercer. He will surely explain that you should clean the area with a disinfectant spray twice a day. That the nose is initially sensitive and a little swollen and maybe bleeding easily is completely normal.

When caring for the nose piercing, make sure that you only work with lint-free cotton swabs or kitchen towels to ensure that the wound is not irritated.

Nose piercing inflamed, what now?

Did your nose piercing catch fire? Then for safety’s sake you should call your piercer or drop in there. He can look at the inflamed area and explain how to proceed. In the worst case, you would have to remove the jewelry again, but you should not do that until you have been to the studio. Because only in very rare cases is the inflammation so bad that removing the jewelry is the only way.

Venison piercing

One problem that can develop with every piercing is game meat. These are growths that are not dangerous, but are unattractive. If you discover game meat during nose piercing, I advise you to go to your piercer. You shouldn’t be alone with hydrogen peroxide or the like. fool around, but put yourself in experienced hands so as not to make the whole thing worse. Your piercer will then certainly recommend a suitable treatment for you, or suggest a change of jewelry.

Tip: These discs are simply attached to the piercing and on the one hand prevent the game meat from forming and on the other hand ensure that it goes away again.

Ring or plug?

You can decide individually whether you use a ring or a plug. Both are possible and depending on what you find more beautiful, you can also choose which of the variants you want directly during the jump-off. I personally used a nose ring, but you should be careful if you use a ring that is normally intended for the earlobe. Because this is usually much thinner than the classic connector. So your hole can shrink in the long run and you will no longer be able to insert a plug.

Ring or plug

Risks with nostril

The risks associated with nose piercing are very low. A few nerve pathways run through the nostril, but this is a little uncomfortable when you sting. The biggest risk is that it could catch fire.

Nose piercing scar or hole

If at some point you are tired of a ring or plug in your nose, you can simply remove the jewelry. A big advantage of piercing compared to a tattoo. However, a scar or a small hole will remain with the nose pierced, just like with any other body jewelry of this type. With tongue piercing you will not see it, but don’t worry, the hole is really small and hardly noticeable.

With the Nostril, it doesn’t really grow anymore, which means that even after a few months without jewelry, you can always use them again without having to pierce the hole again. I often don’t wear a nose ring for almost a year, and when I get it, I slide it back through without a problem.

Fake nose pierced:

Of course, you can also use a fake nose piercing if you don’t want to have your nose pierced. However, I personally find that the fake piercings never really fit well. However, it is a great way to determine if you have nose piercing at all and you really want it.

Do I have a piercing in my nose?

I have never seen a person where I thought that it would have been better not to have a Nostril stung. Whether a small stone or the eye-catching ring on the nose wing, I think both are very pretty. However, you can of course buy a fake ring and use it to determine whether you like the nose piercing or whether you like it.

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