The first period in girls is something special on the way from child to woman. But at the same time with her many questions arise. When do girls get their days and what is the average age? Are there any signs of the first period and what is it like? How heavy is the first menstrual period and is it normal for teenagers to have irregular periods? I would like to explain all this and much more to you now.

When do girls get their days?

Since everybody is different in its development, it is also not possible to tell when girls will get their period. Some have their first period at 9, others at 14. However, there is neither too early nor too late here. As soon as your body is ready, you will also have your first menstrual period.

Good to know: The first period is also called menarche.

Average age

The average age for the first menstrual period is now 12.5 years. But even if you get your first period sooner or later, don’t be alarmed. It is ultimately the last part of puberty, which has already begun with the breasts growing and hair developing in the genital area.

Signs of the first period

Long before the first menstrual period occurs, there are signs that it will soon be this time. The onset of puberty is the first step in this direction. Your body changes because of hormones, which affects all kinds of things in your body. So you will notice that you are slowly getting more pronounced hips and your waist and upper body are also shaping.

The hair on the armpits and in the pubic area also begins to grow. One of the first clear signs that your first period is coming soon is a light discharge called white flow, as long as you don’t itch, burn or the like. Felt, that’s no reason to worry.

Tip: A panty liner can help you keep your underwear clean during this time.

How long it takes from the white river to the first period is very different. For one girl it is months, for another it can be up to a year.

Emergency kit

If you notice that it can happen at any time, pack a small emergency kit. This should be off

  • Fresh underpants,
  • A bandage and
  • A panty liner

Consist. So you can put on fresh underwear in the event of an accident and are protected for the rest of the time with the help of the sanitary napkin or panty liner, until you are home.

What does the first period look like and how strong is it?

You probably expect a huge, bright red stain of blood in your underpants when your first menstrual period starts. But that’s not the case. The menstrual period usually starts slowly and when it starts, you will likely see a small, brown-reddish stain in your underpants. But it can also be that you suddenly notice something reddish on the toilet paper, even then you know that your first period is coming. But don’t worry, the blood won’t run down your legs like a torrent right away.

However, it is definitely worth using a pad or tampon at the first signs that you are about to start. If you don’t have both with you, either buy some or ask another girl or woman if she has something with you. In an emergency, you can also use a little toilet paper or a handkerchief, which you put between your legs for the meantime.

How long is the first menstruation?

Menstruation usually lasts between 4 and 7 days. It is very individual how intense your days are and this period can be a little longer or shorter even with the first menstrual period. Often times your cycle is similar to your mom’s, so be sure to tell her when you get your first few days. She can be of great help to you and also tell you about her experiences.

Will i be in pain?

Whether or not your first period will be painful depends on a variety of factors. Many girls have no menstrual cramps at all at the beginning, others notice a slight pulling in their abdomen and still others have severe cramps. Unfortunately, this cannot be precisely predicted. But you don’t have to be afraid of it; it’s not something you can’t stand.

Irregular periods in teenagers

Especially when your hormones change and you have your menstrual period for the first time, it is completely normal that it is not as regular as it is in an adult woman. On average you get your bleeding every 28 days, but anything between 20 and 35 days is still normal. Having irregular periods in teenagers is not a cause for concern. Only when your cycle does not want to settle in should you discuss this with your mom and make an appointment with the gynecologist.

Tampon, sanitary napkin or menstrual cup for your first menstrual period?

One of the most important questions to ask from the first day of your menstrual period is what to use now, tampon, sanitary napkin or menstrual cup, what is the easiest to use at the beginning? In principle, you should just try it out. But sanitary towels are probably the easiest for you, especially for the first period. But of course you can also try to use tampons right away. It is often helpful to simply buy the smallest size. And don’t worry if you can’t deal with it right away, it will go away over time.

A menstrual cup is really great, but probably not suitable for the first few days. It takes a little experience before you can properly introduce them, so I would advise against it, especially for your first menstrual period.

Do I have to see a gynecologist immediately after the first menstrual period?

No, as long as everything looks and goes normal, you don’t have to go to the gynecologist immediately after the first menstrual period. There is one exception, however. If you are already sexually active, now is the time to start thinking about contraception, because theoretically you could get pregnant now. This is another reason why you should definitely talk to your mom. She can accompany you to the first appointment and will certainly be happy to do so.

If you have any further questions about the first period, please send me a message or leave a comment.


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