It’s that time of year again; Easter is just around the corner. And like every year, the question arises: do we want to dye the eggs ourselves or should we buy colored ones? Since dyeing is usually relatively complex and you have to buy a lot for it, many shy away from the do-it-yourself variant. That’s why I thought there had to be a faster solution that was no less appealing. And I found something, how about painting this Easter instead of coloring?

Easter eggs

Colorfully colored eggs have a long tradition at Easter and for almost everyone they belong on the table at this time. The egg symbolizes new life. In earlier times, those who could afford it covered this symbol of life with gold leaf. If that was not financially possible, they tried to cook them with blossoms and leaves of different flowers to give them some color.

Easter eggs with a difference

If you don’t have time or don’t fancy classically colored, colorful Easter eggs, I have a completely different idea for you today, which on the one hand are faster and on the other hand provides a smile or two, because the painted eggs are not only different, but also really funny. Apart from a little creativity, you don’t need a particularly great talent for painting or drawing.

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Whether for the children, the best friend or just for you, these slightly different Easter eggs guarantee a good mood.

Easter eggs face diy

Instructions for painting

To make your funny Easter eggs yourself, you need the following:

  • Eggs (boiled or blown out)
  • Waterproof pens

It doesn’t matter whether you use boiled or blown eggs. For decorative purposes, you should of course use the blown out, if they are intended for consumption, then of course the cooked.

Tip: If you are not sure or simply prefer to sketch out, you can use a pencil to paint your desired face on the egg. If you make a mistake, you can also work carefully with the eraser.

On white eggs, a black or colored pencil is more effective. But brown eggs also look great. You can then use a white pencil for the inside of your eyes, for example. Make absolutely sure that the colors are dry before framing them with another color or similar.

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paint Easter eggs

And now it can start. Make sure the eggs are dry before you start painting. For a few suggestions on how your funny Easter eggs could look like, here are some pictures. There is sure to be a suitable face for you too.


Icons and smileys with the expression of emotions and mood. Easter eggs with a smile Three frightened egg face waiting cooking

I wish you a happy Easter and a lot of fun copying.

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