Many women notice even before their missed period that something is different. In return, some women have no signs of pregnancy at all.  Are There Reliable Early Pregnancy Signs? When do you have the first pregnancy symptoms?

Am I pregnant?

Most women know it, the certainty that you had unprotected sexual intercourse around ovulation and suddenly you pay more attention to physical evidence than usual. Especially when you want to have children, the time of tingling becomes unbearable. This is how you try to interpret every little symptom in your body. But what are reliable signs of pregnancy and when do the first occur?

When do you have the first pregnancy symptoms?

There are first symptoms of pregnancy, but they are not really certain. Implantation bleeding can occur during implantation. However, these very early signs of pregnancy don’t have to happen in every woman. So it may well be that you do not notice the implantation at all.

If you haven’t felt the implantation or noticed a little blood, there is nothing to worry about. Some women have other symptoms, especially in early pregnancy, but they can also be very different.

Very first signs of pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different and so there are women who notice the very first signs of pregnancy shortly after implantation. Still others have had no typical pregnancy symptoms for a long time. And as already said, when you want to have children, you often observe yourself very closely and notice every change, no matter how small, but this is not necessarily an indication that you are pregnant.

The following symptoms can indicate pregnancy at an early stage:

  • increased discharge,
  • Bloated stomach,
  • Diarrhea,
  • pull in the abdomen,
  • Increased need to urinate.

But these first signs of pregnancy can also have many other causes, which is why they are by no means certain. Ultimately, it only helps to wait, because confirmation is only given by a pregnancy test or a visit to the gynecologist. But even this person can only see something on the ultrasound from the 5th week of pregnancy.

Signs of early pregnancy in the first few weeks

After the implantation, the woman’s hormonal balance really gets going. From now on, some will notice the first signs of pregnancy, which can be quite clear. However, there are also women who have none at all and therefore often have no idea that they are pregnant. Let’s take a closer look at the first four weeks of pregnancy.

1st + 2nd week of pregnancy

The first and second week of pregnancy are only used for calculation, because the actual fertilization does not take place until the 3rd week of pregnancy. Accordingly, you may not have any symptoms at this early stage as it is the time when you are still having your period. All supposed changes during this time are guaranteed to have nothing to do with pregnancy.

The 1st week of pregnancy begins on the first day of the last period.

3rd week of pregnancy

In the 3rd week of pregnancy, the egg cell is fertilized by the sperm and makes its way to the uterus. Towards the end of the third week, the fertilized egg embeds itself in the wall of the uterus, which in some women leads to implantation bleeding and pain. Then the hormonal machinery is set in motion, which can lead to early signs of pregnancy in the next week.

4th week of pregnancy

At the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth week of pregnancy, the egg cells implant in the built-up uterine lining. From now on it can come to typical pregnancy symptoms like. As early as the next week of pregnancy, a pregnancy test can finally shed light on and confirm any assumptions that may have been made. But here, too, it is again true that there can be other causes for the early pregnancy signs mentioned above. Accordingly, you should try to stay relaxed and just wait until a test or a visit to the gynecologist can bring clarity.

Pregnant – first signs

dischargeIncreased discharge can be a sign of early pregnancy. If this is clear
to milky and not green or yellow, then it could be a possible early
pregnancy sign.
Bloated bellyThe typical bloated stomach can lead to the fact that you can
recognize a supposed, small baby bump, especially at the beginning.
However, especially in early pregnancy, these are just air pockets in
the stomach.
Diarrhea / constipationDiarrhea and constipation can also be early signs of pregnancy. The
progesterone in the body slows down the digestive system.
Pulling in the abdomenA severe stabbing and pulling in the abdomen can also indicate
pregnancy. It is often similar to menstrual pain, but it can be much
more severe.
Increased need to urinateOften the first thing that comes to mind is the onset of cystitis when
suddenly you have to go to the toilet much more often. But an
increased urge to urinate can be an early sign of pregnancy due to
the increased fluid production of the body.
Fatigue / exhaustionTiredness and exhaustion are not so rare due to the hormonal
changes in the body. At first you might think of a cold or flu rather
than signs of early pregnancy.
Mood swingsAt first cheering and suddenly sad to death – these mood swings can
also be the first signs due to the hormonal change.
Growing, pulling and itchy breastsA common sign of pregnancy is that the breasts get bigger and
suddenly begin to grow and tighten. Itching is also sometimes
included. If the breasts are also very sensitive and touching them
already hurts, then this could be an early sign of pregnancy.
nauseaSevere nausea with certain smells, morning and evening or spread
throughout the day can also be an important indicator. But here too,
not all pregnant women have this typical pregnancy sickness.
Increased basal temperatureIf you measure your temperature and make a detailed note of it, you
can tell from an increased basal temperature that there are physical
Metallic taste in the mouthSome women get a metallic, iron-like taste in their mouth.
Perception of smellsThe sense of smell often changes during pregnancy. You perceive
everyday smells quite differently and this often means that you can
no longer eat or smell the food you actually love.

Pregnant With No Signs?

However, after listing the various changes in early pregnancy, do not panic if you do not experience any of these symptoms. Every woman is different and so is every pregnancy. Accordingly, one can be pregnant without any signs. Some certainly say that you can tell when you’re pregnant. But that doesn’t have to apply to everyone. And especially if you do not want to have children and do not expect fertilization, it may well be that you overlook the early signs or have none at all.

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