How about if you could dye roses and end up with beautiful flowers in your favorite color? In this DIY guide I will show you how to dye roses blue. Of course, this is only optional and you can choose any color.

Color roses

You may be thinking that flower coloring must be terribly complicated. But I can calm you down; it’s very easy and with the simplest means. First of all, we should consider whether we would like the rose to be single or multi-colored, because both are possible. The rainbow rose is really colorful. Almost every petal has a different color. But blue roses also have their charm. The best thing is that you can easily choose your favorite color.

What are they colored with?

With this method, we do not dye the roses from the outside, but rather from the inside. What does that mean exactly? If you now dye the flower water in which the plants stay fresh, the unbelievable happens. The petals change color from time to time, so you can turn a white rose into a blue one, for example.

The intensity can be influenced, because the longer the flower stays in it, the more color it absorbs and the stronger the result.

Color flower water

There are three different ways to color your flower water:

  • with ink,
  • with food coloring,
  • with watercolor.

There is no variant that works better or worse, so just choose the one that suits you best. I used watercolor in this case. The color selection here is quite large and I almost always have a paint box in the house.

Which starting color should I choose?

Before I show you how to color roses, I would like to give you an important tip here.

Ultimately, it doesn’t make much sense to choose a rose that is dark red. There will be no other color to be seen in the petals, since it is already too color intensive by it.

That is why it is always recommended to use white roses for coloring.

A light pink also works quite well, but definitely not darker colors.

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DIY instructions: dye roses blue

And off we go, let’s color the roses blue. You need the following:

          • White roses,
          • Ink or the like to color the flower water,
          • a glass or a vase of water,
          • a small knife / secateurs.
  1. Cut off your rose on a stem at a 45 ° angle.

This will improve water absorption.

  1. Remove all leaves from the stem.

This means that not too much liquid evaporates, but the color gets directly into the flowers.

  1. Fill your glass or vase with water.

How much you use depends on the size of the jar and the amount of roses.

  1. Now dye your flower water blue using the ink, food coloring or water color.

How much you need depends on your amount of water. The flower water should have a nice intense color.

  1. Place your roses in the flower water.

Now it is time to wait. It takes some time for the flowers to take on color. When the desired color intensity is reached, simply replace the colored flower water with fresh ones.

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