As a real Munich child, I came into contact with traditional costumes at an early age. The pretty dresses are in high season, especially at the Oktoberfest. But be careful, depending on how you tie the dirndl bow that also has a meaning. I’ll show you what it says about your relationship status if you tie the bow on the right, left, middle or back.

Dirndl story

The dirndl has a long tradition and looks back on a long history , especially in the Alpine region . It was maids and maids who wore similar clothing, which also explains the derivation of the word:

The word can be derived from the harlot, which translates as young girl. On the other hand, the maid is also simply a maid or a maid.

The cut is reminiscent of the dresses at the court, which usually had a wide skirt and a tight-cut top. Nowadays you can also find elaborate embroidery and pretty accessories, which makes the dress special.

What the dirndl loop says about your relationship status

Even if it cannot be proven by the history of the dirndl, the loop has a meaning. It provides information about the relationship status of the wearer. Depending on where you tie the bow on the dirndl apron, you show that you

  • Forgive,
  • Single,
  • Widowed or
  • Virgin

Are, of course, not every woman at Oktoberfest or other traditional festivals is aware of what it means to tie a bow.

In order to save you from having to switch on unnecessarily, because you are already happily taken, or to make flirting easier for you as a single, you will now find out what tying the bow means for a dirndl.

Where do you wear the bow for a dirndl?

When deciding whether the dirndl bow should be tied on the left or right, one always starts from the wearer. Correspondingly, the information on the right also means the right as seen by you and not that from the point of view of your counterpart.

Tie a dirndl bowMeaning
Tie the dirndl bow on the rightIf you tie your dirndl bow on the right, you are saying that you are taken. So for other interested parties, it means staying away.
Tie the dirndl bow on the leftIf you tie your dirndl bow on the left side, you are showing that you are single and therefore available. So the next flirt can come.
Tie the dirndl bow in the middleThe bow is tied in the middle when you want to testify that you are still a virgin. Children also tie the bow at the front.
Tie the dirndl bow at the backIf you tie your dirndl bow at the back, you are showing that you are widowed. However, operators also tie their apron together at the back, so you cannot always assume 100%.

Tip: If someone calls you a “smart dirndl”, it does not mean your dress, but it is Bavarian dialect and means something like “pretty girl”.

Dirndl Loop Meaning

Instructions and tips

So now you know what the loop means. However, binding them is not that easy. If a dirndl is a rather festive piece of clothing, the bow should also fit perfectly. With a few tips and tricks, however, this is also very easy.

The ribbons should lie exactly on top of each other.

1:- A Dirndl apron is tied once from front to back and then again from back to front. You have at least two layers of the apron straps on top of each other. Make absolutely sure that they lie exactly on top of each other. Trick: With some double-sided adhesive tape, the tape stays exactly where it should be.

Do not tie

2:- The apron too tight when tying, make sure that the apron does not become too tight. This would pull the straps together, which doesn’t look nice. Tip: If you iron the ribbons beforehand, then they are nice and smooth and easier to tie.

3:- Pluck the bow again after you have tied the bow; pull the ribbons a little so that they form the bow in full width.

Do not leave tapes too long

4:- Make sure that the hanging tapes are not too long. Under no circumstances should they be longer than the apron. But they shouldn’t be too short either.

5:- Tie apron on the waist When tying the dirndl apron, you should make sure that it fits properly. The best position is the waist. There she also hides the seam between the bodice and the skirt.

Where do you wear the bow with a dirndl?” – You shouldn’t have to ask yourself this question anymore after this guide. Share the article about the dirndl bow with your friends.

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