Whether inside or outside – a fresh spring look gives new impulses and a good mood!

Anyone who currently has to stay in their own four walls more than usual should get a nice one atmosphere!

Spring is finally coming with light!

Since gray and dark days can still be expected despite the first rays of sun, light installations are particularly in demand this year: Glass domes with LED floors can be decorated with spring motifs and placed in the windows. If it’s gray outside, the LED is switched on and some spring blooms on the windowsill. Fretwork also comes into its own this way and can be illuminated in different colors.

Spring is finally coming with light

Spring decoration in gardens and on balconies

Now is the best time to supply the window boxes and beds with fresh flowers again. Even those who do not otherwise like to garden with a view of summer can, for example, plant cucumber, mint and rhubarb in the flower pot. Decorated with pretty vintage signs, it looks pretty and gives cocktail ingredients for the summer nights.

Children will certainly enjoy decorating the balcony and garden with colorful, homemade wind chimes.

Flowers and blossoms

An old art is currently being revived: arranging and pinning flowers and blossoms. Various plug-in options and a wide range of accessories make arranging flowers a popular decoration trend, even for beginners! Flowers and blossoms can be decorated everywhere:

  • Arrangements of tulips and fresh greens upgrade work tables and create motivation in the home office.
  • Dehydrated grasses and the first meadow flowers harmonize whet the appetite for a spring brunch in the kitchen
  • Small bouquets, arranged in two colors at most, in simple vases make a simple bathroom become a spring meadow

The joy of experimentation can be fully lived out with flower decorations: Whether artistic arrangements or loosely tied bouquets: Flowers bring spring into the house!

Spring cleaning is being used!

Anyone celebrating the farewell to spring to clean out the cellar can look forward to more decorations. Old, heavy ceramic bottles or vases can be polished and glazed and decorated with light, delicate flowers. Set up on a wooden board, it gives a nice contrast of strength and lightness.

The book decoration trend goes well with this style: Why not put a book with a flowery cover next to the vase? Or a novel with cherry blossoms on the cover next to the wooden fruit bowl? The decoration makes you want to spend a reading hour in the spring sun.

Spring in the window

Spring in the window

Many children currently have to stay at home. Anyone who has otherwise collected decoration material outside in nature now has to fall back on other window pictures. Window chalks are easy to wash off and give children the opportunity to paint their windows with spring motifs themselves. Adults use bright colors to write a friendly greeting to their neighbors in their windows framed by fresh green. Decoration can do more than beauty Decoration is motivation for yourself and others.

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