Are you also wondering whether daily hair washing is harmful? In this post, I will show you how often washing hair are healthy and whether it is worth reducing the intervals.

Daily Shampoo

For many people, washing their hair every day is routine. We often do not worry about whether this is good or bad for our hair. Greasy hair is always an issue, but the reasons for this can be that we wash our hair too often.

Tip: Too hot water and blow drying daily can also be problematic for your hair. This stimulates the sebum production of the scalp and ensures quickly greasy hairline.

Irritated scalp and well-groomed hair

Daily washing is generally not really harmful, but if you realize that the scalp produces sebum in order to grease yourself, you might find that washing out this sebum every day must be anything but healthy. Because the result is that the scalp produces even more sebum to maintain its protective film, which leads to quick greasy hair.

The care products we use can also do more harm than good to our hair, because they are often updated with the many ingredients. If you then use these products every day, this again leads to irritation of the scalp with the well-known problems such as fast greasy hair, itching or severe dandruff.

How Often Wash Hair Healthy

How often is hair healthy?

But how often is hair washing healthy? This cannot be answered universally, because every person is different, and accordingly every scalp and hair. It is important to try out which washing rhythm is right for you.

If you are one of the women who wash her hair every day, then it won’t happen overnight that your scalp will change. Accordingly, it takes some time before it “works” normally.

For me personally, after a successful changeover, it is enough if I wash my hair every 3-4 days. Before that, they don’t get greasy, they look fresh and clean. But how does the changeover work?

Wash hair less

If you want to do something good for your scalp, that means less hair washing . However, you should slowly extend your washing cycle and use hair products that contain fewer care substances. When changing over, it can happen that your scalp greases very quickly and your hair looks totally terrible after a day. But this is a phase that you have to go through if you want to avoid washing your hair too often.

It is best to use the time when you are on vacation or where it does not matter if your hair looks a little greasy.

Wash off your hair every day, that’s how it’s done

I would now like to explain how you can wean yourself off washing your hair every day  based on my personal experience.

1:- Give your hair time

As already mentioned, switching to less hair is not that easy because the transition phase can take 2-4 weeks. But if you have overcome this difficult phase, then it will go by itself.

2:- Slowly extend wash intervals

You shouldn’t immediately extend your daily hair wash to every three days, but slowly increase yours. If you wash your hair this morning, do it in the evening the day after and keep it for a few days. Then you extend the interval to two days, etc. Just pull the whole thing through until you have found the perfect distance between your hair washes.

3:- Organize yourself a natural shampoo that has no strong nourishing ingredients.

So that your scalp can regenerate more easily, you should use mild shampoo that neither degreases too much, nor irritates your scalp in any other way. The use of natural products would be ideal.

4:- Washing hair properly

Of course you want to remove the fat from the roots, but rubbing too hard on the scalp can also cause irritation, therefore simply clean with gentle circular movements without applying too much pressure. Also make sure that you only use lukewarm water and rinse your hair properly. Too much shampoo is more likely to harm your scalp than it is useful. Therefore use it as sparingly as possible.

As you can see, washing your hair every day is not necessarily healthy. Therefore it is quite worthwhile to reduce frequency of shampooing, especially if you suffer from excessive sebum production.

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