For a few years now, cut crease has been an integral part of eye make-up. If you want to emphasize your crease and like to work with glitter or bright colors, you can hardly avoid this make-up technique. But how does the perfect cut crease succeed even for a beginner? In my step-by-step instructions I’ll show you exactly how it works.

What is a cut crease? Explanation for beginners

Especially beginners when it comes to make-up are now wondering: “What is a cut crease?”

Especially those who like the smokey eye look work with many dark colors to give the eye a contour. Often, a transition color, also called transition color, is applied in the crease of the eyelid. A contrast is then often made at the edge of the lid with a darker color to make the eye appear larger.


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If you want to highlight your eyelid with glitter or bright eyeshadow colors and create a hard edge, the problem is that darker color from the previous steps has already been applied and a hard edge is impossible.

The Cut Crease comes into play to highlight glitter or bright eyeshadow and set it sharply. Concealer creates a clean area on the eye, creating the hard edge to the darker color.

Half cut crease

We differentiate between two types of cut crease. In the classic cut crease, the entire lid is cleaned with concealer and then either left as it is or covered with glitter or light eyeshadow. But there is also the Half Cut Crease. Here, only half of the lid is “cleaned”. You should make sure that the transition to the outer lid is not too hard and that you blend everything nicely with a blending brush.

But here, as everywhere, there is no right and no wrong with makeup, which is why you can do it as you like it.

Which concealer is suitable for a cut crease?
In principle, it doesn’t matter which product you use for your cut crease. It is only important that the concealer is very opaque so that you get a nice bright base

Again, it is personal taste which Cut Crease Base works best. The concealers listed here are the ones that work best for me personally, but there are of course many others. The important thing, as already mentioned, is that it covers well and thus creates a great base for the cut crease.

In my tutorial I will show you how to create my cut crease.

In my tutorial I will show you how to create my cut crease
Now I would like to show you in my instructions how to conjure up eye make-up with Cut Crease step by step. In this case, I opted for a more natural look that you can wear well in everyday life. You need the following:

  • Concealer
  • brush
  • Lid­schat­ten (hell und dunkel)
  • Glitter (optional)

Step 1: Apply Base

Cut Crease Instructions First we put a base on our lid. I personally like to use the Mac Paint Pot. You can also use any other concealer, the only thing that is important is that it is very opaque. After application, set with a little light eyeshadow or a little powder. The following eyeshadow colors can be blended better and do not stick to the base.

Step 2: Transition color into the crease of the eyelid

Cut Crease Instructions Now we take a not too light and not too dark eyeshadow color, our transition color. We apply this in the crease of the eyelid and blend with a suitable brush until no hard edges can be seen. Also give the lightest possible color under the eyebrow arch. This gives our eye a certain depth and is a good way to open the eye optically, especially with drooping eyelids, even though the cut crease is not so suitable for this eye shape.

Step 3: make-up cut cream

Cut Crease Instructions Now it will be exciting, because we will put on our Cut Crease. Use a flat brush and a slightly opaque concealer. Apply this to the movable lid with a brush and let it dry. Whether you choose a darker or lighter concealer depends on how light your cut crease base needs to be. I used a darker one here and didn’t pull it out completely, but a little over half, so that the darker outer edge remains.


Tip: While the concealer dries, keep your eyes closed. Otherwise it will be stamped on the eyeshadow above the crease.

Step 4: intensify hard edges

Cut Crease Instructions To ensure that our cut crease really comes into its own, you can either leave it as it is (then I would set it with powder) or upgrade it with glitter or a lighter or shimmering eyeshadow color. Simply apply the desired eyeshadow after drying. If you like, you can still blend the edges slightly or leave the hard edge like this, because that’s actually the trademark of the Cut Crease.


If you want to make a Half Cut Crease, you do the same, but only apply the concealer to half the lid. Here you should then let the darker outer edge with the lighter color run into one another in a gradation.

Cut crease with glitter

A few examples of a cut crease glitter look. With a little practice you can do it. On Instagram you will find many more examples under #cutcrease.


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Half cut crease makeup

Here are a few examples of the look with Half Cut Crease.


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With a little practice, the Cut Crease is easy for beginners as well. Whether with glitter, color gradient or of course – a great make-up look that can be easily done with my instructions.

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