Almost every woman needs cosmetic pads or cotton to take off her make-up. However, this is not particularly environmentally friendly. That’s why I want to show you in this free crochet pattern how you can easily crochet cosmetic pads yourself. Due to the simple technique and the instructions with pictures, this is also suitable for beginners.

Reusable pads for removing make-up

Mainly for removing make-up, cosmetic pads have a reason for being in almost every household. And yet their lifespan is very short, because after use they end up in the garbage. However, since they are often used daily, you can fall back on a more sustainable variant, which you can also do yourself in no time.

You can throw even crocheted pads in the washing machine and then reuse them. But how do you crochet cosmetic pads? That’s exactly what I’m going to show you now.

Crochet cosmetic pads

Even if you are a beginner, you can crochet cosmetic pads because you only need a few basic skills. But before I explain to you in my free crochet pattern how you can do it yourself, a few recommendations on my part.

You need:

Wool: You should definitely use cotton and not synthetic yarns. Incidentally, the pads are a great way to process wool residues.

Crochet hook: I have my pads with a crochet hook size. 4.5 worked.

Wool needle: In addition to wool and crochet hook, all you need is a wool needle to sew thread remnants and prevent your pad from opening again in the washing machine.

Abbreviations explained:

MR = Magic Ring

M = stitch

KM = slip stitch

FM = single crochet

TR = double crochet

* = Repeat the information between the two * – * until the end.

Free crochet pattern

Find a cozy place, get wool, crochet hook and wool needle ready and then you can start.

free crochet pattern

Tip: If you are at war with the Magic Ring, you can instead simply crochet an LM chain with 4 chain stitches and then close it with a slip stitch. Then crochet the 6 FM in there and continue as described in the instructions.

The pads have a diameter of about 7 cm. If you need them smaller or larger, crochet a row or leave them out. For further rows, the 3rd stitch is doubled instead of the 2nd, then the 4th, etc.

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1st rowForm a magic ring and crochet 6 FM into it. Close with KM in 1st FM = 6 sts
2nd row1 LM (does not count as FM), crochet in every M 2 FM (including the first), KM in 1st FM = 12 sts
3rd row3 LM (counts as first dc) + 1 dc in same st, then crochet 2 dc in each FM , at the end KM in the top 3 dc from start = 24 sts
4th row1 LM (counts as first FM), * 2 FM in next st , 1 FM in following st * , KM in 1st LM = 36 st

Then cut, pull and sew the thread. Your first crocheted cosmetic pad is ready. I personally crocheted some of these make-up removal pads, so I always have some available while the other part is in the wash.

By the way, the pads can also be used to apply skin care creams or similar. use.

Clean crocheted cosmetic pads

Of course you also want to use the crocheted cosmetic pads, which is why they get dirty when you remove make-up or use creams. The great thing about these crochet pads is that you can easily wash them. Simply put the used ones in a large saucepan with water and boil them in them. Alternatively, you can of course put them in the washing machine. I personally would recommend using a wash bag for this. This will prevent threads and other items from your normal clothes from being pulled.

Clean crocheted cosmetic pads

Should they become unsightly over time, you can simply crochet a few new ones.

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