For most people, the Christmas tree is just as much a part of Christmas as cookies or traditional family meals. However, the Christmas tree also needs care if you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. You will now find out how you can keep your Christmas tree fresh and what you should pay attention to when buying it.

How long does a Christmas tree last?

Before we get to what we can do to ensure that the Christmas tree stays fresh longer, the question naturally arises, how long does a Christmas tree actually last? There are tree species that have a longer shelf life than others. So if you want to enjoy your decorated tree for as long as possible, you should, for example, use the Nordmann fir.

If you take good care of your new plant-based resident and follow a few important tips and tricks, then you can easily let them stand for 4 – 6 weeks without them losing large needles.

The right care for your Christmas tree

Like any other plant, our Christmas tree naturally needs care to last as long as possible. It doesn’t just begin when the beautifully decorated tree is already in our living room. You can already influence the shelf life when buying and transporting it.

Pay attention to freshness when buying a tree

Of course, a tree that has been cut lasts much longer than one that has been in the corner for a long time. You can easily tell how fresh it is from the interface. If it is still light, it was only recently beaten.

In addition, when buying a tree, you can simply brush the needles against the direction of growth (i.e. towards the trunk). If these immediately return to the starting position, then the tree is fresh. If they fall off, however, then it’s time to stay away from this Christmas tree.

Transport by car

Did you find the perfect Christmas tree? Then he just has to get home. Ideally, you transport it in a transport network so that no twigs and branches break off or get damaged. It is certainly logical that such injuries do not exactly ensure a longer durability.

Storage until Christmas Eve

Correct storage naturally also plays a major role. The fir tree likes it cool and shady. Therefore, it is best to store it on the balcony, terrace or in the cellar in a bucket with fresh water and add a little fertilizer. It should stay there even without the transport net until it is brought into the living room to decorate.

Put up the Christmas tree

The big day has come, today the Christmas tree is set up and decorated. The room in which it is placed should not be heated too much, less is definitely more here. Before you put it in a tree stand, trim the trunk a few inches. So the supply channels are free and he can absorb water and nutrients much better.

Keep the fir tree fresh

There he stands now, adorned and brightly lit. The joy is spoiled very quickly when the beautiful tree spreads its needles throughout the room. In order to delay this as long as possible, we have to keep our Christmas tree fresh. To do this, simply wet the twigs and branches lightly every day using a spray bottle and some lukewarm water and make sure that there is still enough fresh water in the Christmas tree stand.

Tips & Tricks

If you follow the instructions above, you will enjoy your plant-based roommate for a long time. However, there are also a few tips & tricks that will ensure that your Christmas tree stays fresh longer, or are they just myths?

  • Glycerine for the Christmas tree

glycerine to make the Christmas tree longer. For this you should add 5 – 10% to the water. However, the effectiveness is not confirmed. One reads again and again about rust-brown discolorations that can result from this.

  • Sugar water, alcohol, and much more.

Placing the Christmas tree in water that has been enriched with sugar or alcohol should also extend its shelf life and freshness. But there are also different opinions and no confirmation that it works and has an impact on longevity.

  • Large distance to heater or stove

The Christmas tree itself likes it as cool as possible, which is why it should be placed as far away as possible from the heater and stove.

Choosing the right variety The Nordmann fir or Nobilis fir stays fresh the longest. That is why it is very popular as a Christmas tree. Spruces are less enjoyable because they lose their needles much faster.

  • Artificial Christmas Tree For

Anyone who by no means wants pine needles on the floor around the house, an artificial Christmas tree may be an option. This also means there is no need for maintenance.


In summary, when buying a tree, you should look for a tree that has been cut as freshly as possible, carefully transport it home and slowly get used to the warmer temperatures in the house. Also, give fresh water at regular intervals. When caring for a Christmas tree, avoid additives that are supposed to ensure that the Christmas tree stays fresh longer, because their effectiveness has not been confirmed and can do more harm than good.

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