A beautiful look is almost every woman’s dream. But very few of us have long eyelashes by nature. However, artificial eyelashes can be used here. These can be easily attached if necessary, such as before dinner or the next party. But how long do false eyelashes last and how are they glued? In my instructions, I will show you how to apply artificial eyelashes, but also how to remove them.

Learn to stick false eyelashes

If this is your first time holding artificial eyelashes in your hand, you will probably be wondering how that should work. And yes, especially the first time you are quite overwhelmed, because the little hairs do not want as you do. But with a little practice you can learn to glue false eyelashes.

Tip: Cheap fake lashes are often relatively stubborn, which makes it difficult to attach. It is often worth digging a little deeper here.

If you have a set of false eyelashes, you usually do not need eyelash glue, as this is already included. If this is not the case, then remember to get which one. An applicator also makes attachment noticeably easier.

Instructions: Apply artificial eyelashes

Before I show you how to apply artificial eyelashes, we need to think about it. Would you like to glue band eyelashes (an entire lash line) or just individual lashes? I’m going to start with my eyelashes before I show you the other variant.

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What do I need for it?

  • Artificial eyelashes,
  • eyelash glue,,
  • applicator or tweezers,
  • nail scissors,
  • (simply cut head with cotton wool) cotton swabs,
  • mascara,
  • eyelash curler,

Glue eyelashes, that’s how it works

With a cotton pad and some facial cleanser, clean the eyelids and the area directly around your eyelashes and make-up the eyelids, if desired.

Then shape your own eyelashes using eyelash curlers and lightly apply.

Take one of the artificial eyelashes out of the packaging and hold them to your eye. They may be a bit too long, and then you should shorten them on the outside with the nail scissors.

Now rub the eyelash tape carefully between your fingers, this will make it more flexible.

Tip from the make-up artist:

If you have a hard time, you can simply cut the eyelashes apart in the middle and then attach both parts separately. This is easier for beginners than to attach the complete tape.

Now carefully hold the band eyelashes with an applicator or tweezers and then apply the adhesive to the band. Let it dry for 20-30 seconds and make sure that you don’t use too much or too little.

Now press carefully on the middle of the eyes and then fasten the sides along your own lash line. The false eyelashes can be pushed from above with the cut cotton swab. The false eyelashes should also not sit on the skin but very close to the skin on your own eyelashes.

Now let the glue dry. After 2-3 minutes, you should be able to apply the eyeliner to make the transition invisible.

Glue on individual lashes

If you don’t want to glue an entire lash line, but only individual lashes, you can of course do that too. The procedure here is the same as for the band eyelashes, but in this case you only glue individual pairs of eyelashes.

It’s best to start with the outer eye and then slowly work your way inwards. This is how artificial eyelashes can look very natural. This method is also well suited to fill in gaps.

Single Eyelash Sticking

Remove eyelash glue and artificial eyelashes

How lucky that false eyelashes can be used not just once, but several times. Therefore, special care should be taken when removing the artificial eyelashes and the eyelash glue.

How to remove artificial eyelashes and eyelash glue:

  1. Carefully remove the eye make-up with an appropriate facial cleanser.
  2. Then carefully dab the eyelash wreath with a cotton swab using the solvent for eyelash glue and let it soak in.
  3. Now carefully remove the artificial eyelashes from the outside.

If they stick too firmly somewhere, add a little more of the solvent until they can be easily removed.

If you want to use them again, you should now carefully remove all make-up and adhesive residues from your fake lashes. Then let it air dry and then pack it well again.

How long do false eyelashes last?

The only disadvantage of the artificial eyelashes from the drugstore is their durability, because unfortunately they are not for a longer period. If you’ve done it well, false eyelashes will last for 12-24 hours. If you are looking for longer-lasting artificial eyelashes, then a visit to the beautician is worthwhile for permanent eyelash extension or thickening. However, you then put 120 – 400 Euros on the table and fill up 50 – 100 Euros each time, every two to four weeks.

Learn To Glue False Eyelashes

Tips & Tricks

  • Make absolutely sure that the adhesive only lands on the ribbon and not on the eyelashes.
  • You can carefully shape and bend the artificial eyelashes together with your natural ones using the eyelash curler.
  • Always let the glue dry briefly before you apply the artificial eyelashes, they will hold better.
  • Baby oil is also great for removing false eyelashes. The oil residues must then be removed thoroughly, otherwise they can no longer be glued on.
  • Black eyelash glue is ideal because it shows no transition to eyeliner.
  • If you already have enough practice, it is best to put make-up on your eyes before sticking on the artificial eyelashes.

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With a little practice, artificial eyelashes from the drugstore can be easily attached and also easily removed. They are not permanent, but perfect and inexpensive for an upcoming party.

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