Don’t know how to apply highlighter properly? Then you will find the perfect instructions for beginners with me. I will show you what a highlighter is, how to find out which one suits you and how to apply it correctly. So you set the best accents and provide the perfect glow for a radiant and fresh make-up.

What is a highlighter?

Beginners in particular, who hear about glow and highlights for the first time, are asking themselves: “What is a highlighter anyway?” Those who only use foundation for make-up often have the problem that the face looks one-dimensional and unnatural.

This is where contour powder and highlighter come into play. The latter provides shimmering reflexes that make the face look fresh, lively and healthy. Depending on your taste, it can also be a little more.

How do you use highlighter?

How the highlighter is used depends entirely on which product it is. It is available in three different versions:

  • Creamy highlighter

Creamy glow is usually available in the form of a pen. The Cream Highlighter is a little more difficult to apply, especially for beginners, because you have too much product on your face very quickly. However, it can usually be blended well.

  • Powdery highlighter

Especially as a beginner, I would use the powder highlighter. It can be dosed well without much practice and ensures the perfect glow. Do you have oily skin? Even then, this variant is the means of choice.

  • Liquid highlighter

The liquid highlighter usually comes in a bottle with a pipette. Here only individual drops are distributed and hidden in the most important places. But be careful! The dosage is not so easy here and you shine like a bacon rind quickly. That is why this variant is more suitable for the more experienced among us.

⇒ Tip

When buying, make sure that the product contains glitter particles. So the glow can quickly work too much for the everyday look. This is more for the glamorous evening make-up.

How do I find the right color for me?

If you have ever had a look at a highlighter palette, you have certainly noticed that there are silvery shimmering, but also gold and pink highlighters. You are probably wondering which color suits you.

This is actually quite simple:

  • Do you have your rather cool skin tone?

Then grab the silvery shimmering highlighter.

  • Do you have a warm skin tone?

Then you can also wear a gold or pink glow.

But as with everything, the same applies here of course, whatever is liked is allowed. So choose the color and intensity that suits you the most.

Instructions: Apply highlighter, how it works

Now we come to the instructions on how to apply highlighter correctly. But before I show you how we go step-by-step, we first have to clarify where to apply the shimmering powder, because not every spot on the face is suitable for this.

Where does the highlighter go?

If you now think that you just spread a little glow wildly on your face and that’s good, then you’re wrong. The highlighter should reflect the light. That is why it is placed on the highest elevations on the face and wherever the gaze should be directed. So you can highlight your own chocolate side and use a contour powder to strengthen the shadows, which ensures beautiful contours and a lively complexion.

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CheekbonesYou should emphasize the highest parts of your cheekbones. The face looks narrower and the cheeks are perfectly accentuated.
EyebrowsIf you want to emphasize your eyes more and optically open and shine, just give a little highlighter directly under the eyebrow arch.
Lip heartSimply put a little highlighter directly above and on the lip heart and your lips will look much fuller.
Bridge of the nose and tipA broad nose looks a bit narrower due to the highlighter on the bridge of the nose. If you put a little of it on the tip of your nose, you can also provide a highlight here
foreheadA little glow above the eyebrows creates a sinuous, shimmering complexion.
chinIf you don’t have a very prominent chin, you can also highlight it
Clavicle / cleavageA little glow on the collarbone looks very classy, especially with a glamorous evening make-up.

Instructions Highlighter Apply

How should I apply my highlighter?

Whether creamy, powdery or liquid – depending on the product you have chosen, application with a brush, your finger or a sponge is more suitable.

Apply highlighter with a brush

Powder highlighters are ideal for applying with a brush. This looks mostly like a fan and its narrow shape ensures that we can set perfect, subtle accents without indiscriminately spreading the highlighter on the face due to the size of the brush.

  • Liquid – apply highlighter

Especially with liquid highlighters, the fingers are ideal to emphasize the different areas on the face. Simply put a few single drops on the face and spread it carefully.

  • Apply cream highlighter

With the cream highlighter, the product is already in the form of a pen, which you can use to highlight the different areas on the face. Make sure not to use too much product.

  • Hide with a sponge and work into the skin

I personally like to blend the highlighter and use my sponge for this . So I can work the product perfectly into the skin.

  • Apply highlighter before or after make-up?

Depending on how intense the product is, you can apply it before or after the foundation. It all depends on how strong the glow should be and what you use. Here you can simply try out what you like better.

Really Highlighting – Actually Quite Simple

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to put the right highlights on your face. The simplest formula is always:

What should be highlighted is highlighted.

Usually these are the highest elevations on the face, such as the nose, cheekbones, lip heart, etc. And applying the highlighter is not rocket science either.

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