So that our face does not look so pale, especially in the cool season, we can warm it up a little with a little bronzer. This gives us a healthy complexion , as if we had spent the last few hours sunbathing. But what should I watch out for if I want to apply the bronzer correctly ? I will show you how in my instructions.

What is a bronzer?

The bronzer is less for contouring than for warming up the face. Especially in the cooler season we usually lack color. To make it look as if the sun had just kissed us, we can apply some bronzer. It looks healthy, fresh and appealing.

In this context, the question often arises whether a bronzer is not actually a contour powder or whether one of the two cannot be left out. Of course, you can also create soft contours with the bronzing powder or stick. However, it is not made for this.

For example, if you want to put on a striking evening make-up, you could use the cheeks as an example.

First the highlighter on the highest elevation on the face, the bronzer is applied underneath, but still on the cheekbone, and then the contour powder underneath the cheekbone. A little more blush on the cheeks, blend everything well and your cheeks are perfectly accentuated.

Bronzer Apply Instructions

Bronzing powder or stick?

Bronzers come in different forms. If you like, you can buy it loose as powder or in pressed form. But it is also available in embroidery and cream form. I personally prefer the powder form because I can work with a lighter hand and build the product better. But that’s just my personal feeling.

It is best to try out before you buy what you can do better, whether stick or powder.

What do you have to consider when applying?
You can already do some “wrong” when applying the bronze, although I am not a fan of speaking of wrong here, because what is right is always what you like. Nevertheless, there are a few things that are best handled like this:

Build up slowly You have to be careful with the bronzer, because it quickly looks too much. I recommend tapping the brush again after picking up the product. So you can really build it up discreetly with every brush stroke and always keep control.

Apply in circular movements In order that our bronzer does not look stained and uneven, we should not work with straight, hard lines, but always apply the product with small circular movements. So we blend the bronzer straight away and thus ensure a smooth finish.

Applying sticks and creams with your finger Especially with sticks and bronzer creams it is advisable to apply them with your fingers. This makes them easier to distribute. But also blend well afterwards.

Choose the right shade
When using a bronze, it is very important to choose the right shade. So that the look looks natural, the color must not be too dark. Pi-Mal thumbs are said to be a maximum of two to three color shades darker than the original skin color. You should also make sure that the color matches you.

Apply bronzer before or after foundation?
If you are wondering whether you should apply bronzer before or after the foundation, I have no clear answer for you, because you can do it either way. There are a few liquid products that can also be worn under makeup. Normally you make sure you have a reasonable base before you continue with bronzer, highlighter and blush.

Instructions: Where and how to apply bronzer
As a beginner, do you stand there with your bronzer and wonder where you should apply it? In principle it is very simple. With the highlighter we emphasize the highest points on the face, with the bronzer we warm up the skin where the sun hits us first.

These are the following places on the face:

  • Temples
  • Cheeks,
  • Chin area,
  • Nose.

These are also the spots that turn brown first.

Face Warm Up Bronzer

Make sure that it is not too much in the end. If you apply too much product, you will quickly look dirty.

Video on how to apply bronzer properly
If you are still unsure or would like to see a video on how to apply bronzer correctly, I recommend this makeup basics video by Hatice Schmidt. It clearly explains how it works best with the bronzer.

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