A wedding is not only a joyful and unique occasion; it also offers many opportunities to get creative. We present five different craft ideas for wedding, so that bridal couples can create a personal request for their guests and design individual decorations.

5 wedding ideas for the guests


DIY bridal bouquets for the bridal bouquet throw

The obligatory bridal bouquet should not be missing at any wedding. However, many brides prefer to let their own bouquet dry and keep it as a memory. Now there are two options: Either you get a second bouquet and throw it to the bachelorette girls, or you make a personal bridal bouquet for this purpose. A great bouquet can be conjured up in no time from a large felt rose and dried flowers. This is not only very individual and personal, but also has the great advantage that it does not wither.

DIY bridal bouquets for the bridal bouquet throw

Table decorations matching the wedding motto

Whether maritime, vintage or elegant – the design of the table decoration can be designed entirely according to personal preferences and to match the wedding motto. There won’t be boring table decorations that you see at every wedding. A lot of materials and a lot of time are not necessary here: With just a few elements, such as glass, wood, flowers, candles or fabrics, an impressive table decoration can be created quickly.

Natural wooden place cards

The place card bears the name of the person to whom the respective seat was allocated by the bride and groom. Together with the table decoration and the table setting, they form an integral part of the table. Place cards made from small wooden discs look very natural and special. Especially since the country house style is currently very trendy.

For this DIY project you will need:

  • Lace ribbon
  • small wooden disc
  • Flowers
  • Roses bouquet
  • pruned grasses
  • Name tag

The small wooden disc quickly turned into a great and useful eye-catcher.

Natural wooden place cards

Make church pew decorations from wool cord yourself

This pew ornament can be conjured up very naturally and beautifully – of course in a color matching the motto and the clothing. Bridal couples beautify the church with woolen cords, felt cords or woolen ribbon and let it shine in impressive splendor.

For example: if you want to make a bench jewelry with a felt heart, you only need a meter of woolen cord, bend it in the middle, double it, tie everything together with a thin wire and form a heart from it. This can then be decorated with flowers, felt roses and the like. With such beautiful bench jewelery, not only the bride and groom but also the guests will feel comfortable in the church.

Wedding newspaper – the self-designed gift idea

Whether designed by the guests as a gift for the bridal couple or vice versa. A wedding newspaper is a very personal gift that hardly sets any limits to creativity. Meaningful photos, self-written poems, funny details about the bride and groom, drawings or prints of the wedding addresses are great memories of the most beautiful day of your life. In addition to free software for creation, there are also many tips and suggestions for the wedding newspaper on the Internet. In free manuals, creators will also find a lot of useful information about planning, organization, material procurement, layout and printing. The wedding book succeeds the first time and is also perfect for those who don’t like handicrafts.

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