Not only have the little things offered the opportunity to incorporate your own decorating ideas into everyday life. Even with furniture, there is sometimes the chance to lend a hand and create something wonderful. In this article we take a look at three interesting ideas that can be put into practice.

Real barrels as jewelry

Wooden barrels, such as those used in the production of wine, have a very special design. This can be used perfectly to convert it into an inviting table. On the one hand, there is the option of using two barrels of the same size as a support for the table top, which now has to be fixed.

Real barrels as jewelry

A single barrel is often well suited as a side table. If you want to give the piece of jewelery a special touch, you can do this not just with a new coat of paint. On the other hand, there is the opportunity to remove a floor and replace it with a glass plate, for example. If you want to take this game even further, you can even put a chain of lights inside the barrel, which will be activated if necessary. With simple means, an absolutely unique item is created that looks good in every apartment.

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The beauty of nature

Glass and smooth materials of all kinds are not always the right way to design. If you want it to be particularly natural, you should opt for a tree grate as a table. Due to their unique grain, which can only be found once in this form, they already have a special character. There are also many different ways to use it as a table.

This decorative element fits particularly well into a country-style room. Here visitors can enjoy the somewhat rustic character of the facility, which extends down to the smallest details. Those who ultimately create the table themselves have all the important design aspects completely in their own hands. So it’s a good way to get a new, chic piece of furniture that will turn heads.

Coffee table made from pallets

If you prefer to go towards the lounge, you can use an old handicraft trick. Pallets are the perfect building material to create a table according to your own ideas. In many places they are no longer needed. And so only the deposit has to be paid in order to create the table. The way to a unique piece of jewelry couldn’t be much easier.

diy live edge coffee table

In order to achieve the desired height, several pallets can be placed on top of one another. Alternatively, it is possible to place the top pallet on an iron frame. Now all that remains to be done is to ensure a continuous surface that is not broken through by a gap after a few centimetres. If you remove the struts of another pallet in order to close the gaps on the top, you can achieve far greater convenience in just a few simple steps. So it is worthwhile not to ignore this opportunity either.

These were just three examples of how the next independently manufactured table could be designed. Which of these variants is ultimately used, of course, depends entirely on your own ideas.

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